Administration Officer Resume Sample

Administration Officer Resume Sample
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Highly-dedicated, broadly skilled, and detail-oriented law enforcement professional, with proven expertise in driving investigative requirements to protect organizational resources as well as civilian and military interests. Extremely proactive and decisive under complex operational activities, with capability of working within a team environment. Background includes managing over 600 men and women. Known for achieving excellent results.

  • Equipped with more than 25 years of extensive experience and background in law enforcement as well as criminal investigative processes and procedures.
  • Confident communicator, capable of working collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies.
  • Exposed to numerous tactical and strategic security missions; highly knowledgeable in police directives and instruction as well as other federal statutes.
  • Expert at delivering professional administrative leadership at  a command level.

Areas of Expertise

  • Law Enforcement Principles
  • Criminal Investigative Techniques
  • Security Industry Standards
  • Conflict and Problem Resolution
  • Supervision and Training
  • Liaison and Intelligence Sources
  • Police Instruction
  • Technical Surveillance

Notable Accomplishments

    • Founded and instituted the Megan Biebel SIDS Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization that raised more than $250K for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Research.
    • Organized the Detective Operational Group (DOG) to work on multi-jurisdictional areas targeting high-crime areas with the cooperation of undercover detectives and troopers.
    • Coordinated implementation of security system upgrade of the New Jersey State Police Troop “C” Headquarters, successfully acquiring funding source for the materials and state of the art equipment.

Professional Experience

New Jersey Police Hamilton Headquarters ▪ Hamilton, NJ

Troop Commander ▪ Hamilton Headquarters | Dec 2010–Present

  • At  the rank of Captain, assume duties and execute command function under the direction of the troop commander and deputy troop commander.
  • Designate authority through direction, coordination, and control of personnel, equipment, and functions of the Troop “C” Region I, including all Administration, Training, and Criminal Investigation offices.
  • Responsible for 365 enlisted and  312 civilian members assigned to 5 stations and units throughout the Troop “C” Region.

Holmdel Administration Officer  | Oct 2009–Dec 2010
Troop Administration Officer | Jul 2008–Oct 2009
Assistant Troop  Administration Officer | Apr 2008–Jul 2008

  • Organized monthly management accountability conferences.
  • Arranged and prepared scheduling for staff officer inspections and visitations.
  • Maintained and updated all personnel files of active enlisted and civilian members assigned to the troop.
  • Drafted memoranda and responses on behalf of troop commander and deputy troop commander.
  • Carried out all ranking meetings for promotional process.
  • Executed administration inspections of the three Troop “E” stations, as well as the five Troop “C” stations.
  • Conducted evaluations for civilian employees.
  • Effectively supervised the training of all troop headquarters personnel, as well as transportation sergeant first class, MAPPS sergeant first class, troop training officer, and Troop MVR Review Team.

Integrity OfficerJan 2006–Apr 2008

  • Acted as liaison officer among troop commander, Office of Professional Standards (OPS,) Office of State Police Affairs (OSPA,)  and the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Efficiently coordinated, reviewed, and designated all internal investigations within the troop.
  • Preserved and facilitated critical and confidential information between troop commander and OPS.
  • Analyzed internal complaints and gathered documentation to determine the classification for referral and proper investigation.
  • Executed periodic inspections of troop operations to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Carefully monitored all MAPPS entries on notifications and counseling.

Assistant Criminal Investigation Officer | Jan 2002–Apr 2008

  • Directed  the department consisting of 23 criminal investigation office detectives and zone supervisors.
  • Oversaw daily operations, performance tracking, and training of department personnel.
  • Provided recommendations and mentored personnel regarding investigation techniques.
  • Supervised and guided personnel throughout complex investigations.
  • Supplied necessary resources to personnel enabling delivery of high-level performance.

Criminal Investigation Office Supervisor Jun 1998–Jun 2002

  • Coordinated overall operations of criminal investigation office, functioning as detective sergeant with direct responsibilities of supervising two detectives and one civilian staff member
  • Carried out evaluation and approval of all investigative reports submitted by station personnel consisting of an annual average of 900 criminal investigations
  • Monitored and supervised follow-up on continuing investigations as well as pending cases
  • Provided counseling to station personnel, advising them on proper investigation techniques

Earlier Career

Tactical Patrol Unit, Woodbridge | May 1997–Jun 1998
General Road Duty Trooper, Holmdel Station | Dec 1994–May 1997
General Road Duty Trooper, Allenwood Station | Feb 1992–Dec 1994
General Road Duty Trooper, Tactical Patrol Unit, Princeton Station | Aug 1988–Feb 1992
General Road Duty Trooper, Bordentown Station / Ft Dix Stations | Jun 1986–Aug 1988
Comex Commodity Trader ▪ Comppany XZY, New York, NY | Jan 1984–Feb 1986


Master’s Degree in Administrative Science: In Progress
Certificate in Administrative Science: 2011
ABC University▪Teaneck,NJ

Bachelor’ Degree in Individualized Studies, with Specialization in Public Administration Science: 2006
ABC University▪Teaneck,NJ

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration: 1984
XZY College▪ Lincroft, NJ

Professional Training

Executive Leadership, Jun 2010
Mid-Level Management, Jun 2006
International Terrorism Symposium, Jun 2004
Creating a Culture of Integrity, Jun 2004
SupervisionSchool, Nov 2003
Terrorism Symposium, Sep 2003
Missing and ExploitedChildrenSchool, Jun 2001
Search and Seizure Course, May 2000
UndercoverNarcoticsSchool, Aug 1997
CriminalInvestigationSchool, Mar 1996
Firearms Automated Training, Jul 1993
Physical Training Instructor, May 1993
Driving While Intoxicated Course, Jan 1992
Incident Command System, Aug 1991
PR-24InstructorSchool, Mar 1991
DefensiveTacticsSchool, Nov 1990
Interview & InterrogationSchool, Jun 1990
Third Interview and Interrogation, Jun 1990
Emergency Response, Apr 1990
Commercial Vehicle Drug Interdiction, Mar 1990
FirearmsInstructorSchool, Mar 1990

Awards and Recognitions

  • Jason Douglas Creager Humanitarian Award, Jun 2006
  • Certificate of Commendation (for outstanding performance in a lifesaving encounter), Apr 2001
  • Division Recommendation Award (Lt. N. Theodus, Major Crimes Unit), May 1996
  • Letter of Commendation (Col. C. Williams, Ref: E05095110), Mar 1996
  • Letter of Commendation (Col. C. Williams, Ref: E05095119), Mar 1995
  • Letter of Commendation (Col. C. Williams, Ref: E0509552), Jan 1995
  • Division Recommendation Award (Capt. D. Zilinski), Dec 1994
  • Certificate of Commendation (Division Award), Dec 1990
  • Division Recommendation Award (Lt. L. Dellett), May 1990
  • Letter of Appreciation (Detective P. Ramsey, Brick Township Police Department), Feb 1989
  • Division Award (Lt. G. Garibaldi), Feb 1989 and Feb 1990
  • Letter of Commendation (Col. C. Pagano), Mar 1988 and May 1988

Professional Affiliation

Vice President,New JerseyState Law Enforcement Officers Association


Member, Troop “E” Social Committee
Coach,Middletown Youth Athletic Association
Member, Jason’s Dreams for Kids Foundation

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