Hauling Your Military Resume for the Civilian Workforce

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Willingness to serve the nation is itself already a form of heroism. Volunteering for public service is one courageous thing that one must be proud of. What most veterans don’t know is that serving in the army is not just a thing of honor, but also a thing of advantage.

Everybody’s got the impression of disciplined, well rounded men and women when we see military background in resumes. However, many veterans don’t find it easy to maximize the experience to their advantage in the tight civilian job market.

Most of the veterans have the personality tendencies to act more and word it less. Not all are given the prowess of weaving phrases. That’s why most of the times, people from armed forces are highly advised to adapt the cosmopolite norms before they take plunge into the bloody arena of the communicative job market. Moreover, here are some of important pointers in revamping a military resume:

          1.   Always assume that the employer knows nothing about the soldier thing

Most of the HR and common employees in the job market are only having the idea of life in military either through a relative or the TV, so they might have a somewhat distorted impression on the people who are actually involved in the field. If you’re guilty of bombarding the application paper with military jargons and sayings, then it’s time to do some tweaking. Make sure that your employer can relate to what is written in your copy.

          2.   Flaunt your background, but focus not on combating

It’s really awe-striking when you came across with a person who has actually got bruise and wounds for the country. However, the corporate world leaves no space for talents in physical warfare. In fact, some potential employers might be scared of hiring a person who has been in a violent culture for years. Paranoid as it seems, they might think you might adapt practicing your muscles inside the office! So if you think your experience in the battlefield won’t be needed in your applied position, just leave it out in your memory for some other references.

          3.   Use the functional formatting

A soldier entering the civilian job force is like Santa Claus coming to Africa with his reindeers and sleigh. You might find a bit alienated like the career shifters, and if you’ll ask if that’s a good thing – it depends on how you present your uniqueness. The format of your resume will greatly impact your employment. And since military service is a bit off the corporate culture, you have to emphasize more on your abilities than your background. Plus, it will do better when you can adapt the skills you have acquired in the local job market. Say, if you worked as a medic, why not use it to your advantage in applying for healthcare careers?

          4.   Be keen on details

And this is the most overlooked of them all. Yes, we understand that focusing on the important matters and finishing quick is a virtue you learned in a very demanding environment. However, the corporate world is obsessed with details. Check on grammar, layout, and spelling. No hiring personnel can tolerate any mistake on those aspects, not unless you’re applying for a low-end post. And one last thing is to be very specific in your military resume. Feed your prospects’ curiosity. You have so much potential to emphasize when it comes to uniqueness and principles.

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