11 Signs You Won’t Hear from the Job Interviewer Again

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For job seekers, one of the most terrifying parts of the job hunt process is the interview. Applicants constantly fear that they might say the wrong things, do the wrong things, or even wear the wrong things.

But after the interview, there’s really no way of telling if the interview went well or if it all went south…or is there?

Here are signs that you’re interview took a turn for the worst and that you’ll probably never hear from that company again.

Signs You Failed Your Interview

1. The interviewer displayed nothing but negative body language.

Negative body language usually means the interviewer isn’t impressed or interested in what you’re saying.

2. The interviewer seemed distracted the entire time.

“How long will this take?” “I wonder what’s for lunch.” These are examples of what ran through your interviewer’s mind while you were talking. Obviously what you had to say wasn’t that valuable to him/her.

3. You were asked questions that were way too easy.

A hiring manager who is interested in signing you on will ask you tough questions to gauge how far you can go under tough situations. If he/she did otherwise, then it’s a sign things didn’t go well.

4. The conversation didn’t flow easily.

Were there too many empty spaces during the interview? Did it feel strained and forced? Yep. Don’t get your hopes up.

5. Your skills, achievements, and goals weren’t discussed with much enthusiasm.

This signals that the hiring manager wasn’t impressed with what you can do or what you’ve accomplished.

6. The interviewer didn’t try to push the company in your face.

An interviewer who wants you to join the company will try to “sell” the company to you. He/she will try to impress you with what they have to offer and what they’ve done.

7. The interview was short…very short.

If the interview ran longer than what’s expected, then that means you did a great job of engaging the hiring manager. But if it only took 10-15 minutes, it’s a guarantee that you were checked off quite easily.

8. You weren’t asked for your availability to start working.

They won’t ask you for your availability because they don’t care; they won’t hire you anyway.

9. Salary wasn’t brought up even once.

A hiring manager won’t spend time discussing compensation and benefits to applicants who don’t stand a chance.

10. The interview ended without you being notified of the next steps.

Unfortunately for you if the interviewer didn’t mention what happens after the interview, you were already written off and no longer considered to be in the running for America’s Next—er, I mean you’re already off the list of candidates.

11. You received an incredibly limp handshake.

If you received a firm and warm handshake before the interview and received a bland why-am-I-even-touching-you handshake afterwards, that’s not good for you.

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