13 Types of Hateful Employees All Workplaces Have

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There’s no such thing as a perfect workplace. There will always be something—or someone—that will annoy you every single day; we’ll be introducing you to 13 of them. But try not to shout, “I know that person” okay?

Types of Hateful Employees

1. Missy “Deadline Misser”

Missy causes delays in production because she can’t meet set deadlines. The impact her setback causes does not solely reflect on her performance but sometimes on the entire team.

2. Peter “Perfectionist”

There’s nothing wrong with making sure projects are done well. However, Peters tend to nit-pick everything his colleagues do due to his fear of failure. He took the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” too close to heart.

3. Timmy “Time Waster”

Workers like this do everything they can to avoid doing something actually productive; from chatting up everyone in the office to doing senseless tasks.

4. Wally “Workaholic”

So he’s the first to arrive and the last to leave. What’s the big deal? He makes you look bad for taking time off, for one. These people are either very ambitious or they’re covering up for psychological or social issues they’re facing.

5. “Awkward” Allen

They are superb at their jobs and sometimes even exceptionally intelligent. However, their social ineptness is so ridiculous that trying to initiate a conversation with them is like pulling out teeth.

6. Hunter “Praise Hunter”

They’re like dogs waiting for a pat on the back for every single thing they do; in school they can be compared to a teacher’s pet. They don’t handle criticisms all that well.

7. Sally “Slob” McGee

Just looking at their desks give neat freaks panic attacks. They have lots of stuff lying around and tons of garbage mixed in them. Eating noisily is another side effect of this “condition.”

8. Irene the “Internet Surfer”

You think they’re busy doing work in their computers but if you check their browsing history, all you’ll see are purchases on online shopping sites and activity on their social networking accounts.

9. “Complaining” Camille

One of the most annoying people you’ll have the misfortune of working with. All they do is complain about their workload or how difficult their job is. The urge to yell, “You’re not the only one with deadlines!” is so strong that you literally have to bite your tongue to stop yourself.

10. Linda “Loudmouth”

You hear her before you even see her. She has no filter and is oblivious to the hate stares she’s getting because of the disturbance her megaphone-enhanced voice causes.

11. “E-mail Ignorant” Emily

Caps Lock is Emily’s best friend. She thinks that by making sure her entire message is typed with big letters the recipient will respond faster. She’s wrong! All this does is annoy the person she’s sending e-mails to.

12. “Pessimist” Pepper

She’s “Complaining” Camille’s best friend. She hates everything about life, constantly complains, and spreads negative vibes in the office. It’s absolutely difficult to work with her.

13. “Gossiping” Gina

Office gossip. *sigh* One of the roots of all evil. Ginas can start a feud between two people and even ruin someone’s reputation. They should not be tolerated and have to be properly disciplined before they cause too much trouble.

If one of these reminded you of an office mate or reminded you of you, then it might be time to change your working style! If you’re still a newbie and looking for work, you must prepare yourself–and your job hunt tool–for what’s to come.

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