How to Build or Expand Networks the Millennial Way

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networking tips for millennials

Along with other stuff, networking may not be the same for millennials as it has been for older generations. If you’re a new age youngster, these networking tips can help you build or expand your network.

Networking Tips for Millennials

1. Network anywhere and everywhere.

Now, golf appointments and formal gatherings aren’t the only events where you can form networks. Once you think it’s more than “forming connections”, it’ll be easy to see that countless opportunities to build your network are available. Besides, you can talk about work- and career-related goals during your kids’ playdates, in the church, during parties, or in any get-together.

2. Meet more people.

The more people you bump into, the higher your chances to connect with someone who might know a job or somebody you can meet. Find an opportunity to broaden your network. Likewise, you can engage in pleasant chitchat in the elevator, introduce yourself to a conference speaker, or greet the new member in your yoga class.

3. Spark a continuing connection.

Search for and connect with those you’ve met in person via social networks. This move can make you stay on top of their minds, better than what a business card or an email can do. Beyond this, use your best judgment where and with whom you will connect outside work. For formal and semi-formal events, LinkedIn and Twitter are the perfect platforms. Although for casual and social events, Facebook and Instagram are apter. One word of advice, however, don’t connect on every platform all at once. It can overwhelm the other party and effect a negative reaction.

4. Make it your goal to help others.

This advice is one of the best networking tips here. While your goal is to meet people who can help you throughout your career, it’s great to share your abilities and help them. Networking is a two-way street. Like you, your contacts need sound advice, so make sure you’re valuable to them.

5. Arrange an event.

Host an event inviting others from varied fields, statuses, and age brackets. For instance, be thorough in planning your guest list and consider who may enjoy meeting each other. If you formed good connections, your guests will remember you’re the one who brought everyone together. Hence, alumni gatherings are perfect. Attending the same institution will be your common ground; hence, finding a topic won’t be hard for your guests. In addition, visit your alma mater and help it plan your alumni homecoming.

6. Blend your personal and professional life.

Last of these networking tips, show them who and what you are outside the workplace. In contrast, professionals in your network may also want to know the real you, so be genuine. Thus, by fusing your pro and private lives throughout your social networks, you can connect with more people. In particular, choose what passions you’ll share with your networks, and you’ll find others with similar interests.

Networking meant building two-way, quality connections inside and outside your niche. More than meeting others, it means forming relationships you can keep throughout your career. For more networking tips and inspiring career advice, browse our site.

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