7 Exasperating Scenarios in a Job Interview You Can Surely Relate

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For most job seekers, interviews aren’t the nicest of experiences. If you’ve been one at least once, you can surely relate to the struggles of facing these exasperating job interview scenarios.

Annoying Job Interview Scenarios

1. The Waiting Game

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Almost all interviews have the part where smiling and polite receptionist greets you and asks you to sit down to wait for the interviewer. For some, this waiting game makes them more anxious and nervous. And just when you’re too lost in your own thoughts — about 30 minutes since you arrived — your strict and scary-looking interviewer calls your name.

2. The “Tell Me about Yourself” Question

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When the interviewer asks you to provide a self-intro and you have no idea where to start. Many find this question intrusive but if you choose to answer, tell them how your interest aligns with their “business objective” and how you’ve grown up wanting to do it.

3. The “Mental Block” Phase



When you research and memorize everything about the company only to forget them during the job interview. If you’re prone to mental blocks, the best way to overcome it is to stay focused and be confident in what you know. Don’t entertain negative thoughts and you’re good to go.

4. The “Why Work With Us” Question

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When the interviewer asks you the reason you want to work in their company, but all you have in mind is “because I need money”. Instead of uttering “honest-but-will-not-do-you-good” words, saying, “I believe in the work your company does such as [insert googled business objective here]” would be better.

5. The “Your Biggest Weakness” Question

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When the interviewer asks you about your biggest weakness and there’s none you can think of. Even if it’s a common job interview question, most interviewers still catch unprepared job seekers off-guard. If you were still in denial, saying, “my weakness is my inability to let go of a project unless it’s perfect by my standards”, would do.

6. The Patience Tester

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When the interviewer keeps belittling your professional experience and credentials. While some are just obnoxious, most interviewers are doing this intentionally to test your emotional quotient in handling stressful situations. Try to keep your cool and remember that it’s still part of the process.

7. The “Do You Have Any Questions” Question

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When the interviewer signals the end by asking if you have any questions but you’re afraid to ask, thinking it will just prolong your agony. Instead, consider this a chance to clear out all your doubts and prove that you’re eager to get the job. Prepare at least two questions that express your interest in the position, your drive to excel in the role, and the fact that you’ve done some research.

Interviews are stressful; it’s a given. But what’s important is that you need to learn how to handle such exasperating scenarios to succeed. Overcoming these situations brings you one step closer to your dream job. For more job interview tips and tactics, click here.

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