Ethical Ways to Apply for a Job while You are still Employed

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Ethical Ways to ApplyApply for a job despite present employment

Man is created as an unsatisfied creature looking for things that will make him more fulfilled and comfortable. For example, man ditched the Walkman and CD players in exchange for MP3 players because the latter can easily play songs without having to carry around bulky, ostentatious blocks of cassettes and compact discs. Just as the same with employment, many employees think that their present jobs can do a little better than $10,000 per month. Dissatisfied employees apply for a job as their means of alternative opportunities that will be able to sustain their financial needs or for reasons of individual growth or development.

However, employees who do not want to hurt the feelings of their present employers scratch their heads in finding the answer to this simple question: How do I apply for a new job without disrespecting my current employer?

Here are just a few ethical ways on how employees can execute their job search without the company even knowing it.

Search for jobs on online portals during your free time

One of the fastest ways of applying for a job is through the use of online job portals. Submitting a resume in websites like Monster removes the part where the applicant has to pass the application directly into the office’s HR department. However, employees must never think of submitting their resumes online during work hours because of the unethical connotation it brings to the company. Practice ethics and reserve your job application hunt after work hours.

Do not talk about it inside the office

Employees who are thinking of transferring their skills to another employer must never involve their co-workers on their plan. This is because not everyone inside the office can be trusted, and one of them is willing to share your secrets to your managers.

Re-evaluate the reason why you want to look for another job

Always include your personal feelings when thinking of plotting out your next career move. For example, an employee is leaning toward submitting his resume to another company because he cannot simply stomach his manager’s rude attitude. Having a sound decision during such situations will help determine if you are ready to leave your present employer or not.

Keep it honest

When you apply for a job, never hide anything from your prospective employer. Tell them that your present company does not know anything about your plans to transfer to a new company.