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Highly capable and seasoned technician with extensive years of well-rounded experience in setting up, operating, as well as performing repairs, upgrades and installations in many types of automobiles as well as other fields.

  • Possess excellent customer service and interpersonal skills; able to provide the highest quality of service to customers and communicate effectively with superiors and other departments.
  • Reliable team player; able to carry out instructions, help out members and work independently with limited supervision.
  •  Display effective time management, problem-solving and decision-making skills in tackling difficulties encountered in executing assignments and tasks.
  • Proven track record of punctuality and professionalism: thrive in challenges and increasing responsibilities; and willing and available to work on any shift, including weekends and holidays.
  • Computer and Internet literate; capable of efficiently performing data entry, typing and word processing.



Inspection, Diagnosis & Testing: Mechanical Components Alignment/Adjustment, Malfunctioning Electrical or Electronic Equipment Operation Analysis, Dismantle and Assembly of Pipe Sections, Gear Systems, Equipment or Machinery, Calibration or Adjustment of Electronic Equipment or Instruments to Specification Performance Testing/ Sequential Testing to Locate Electronic Malfunction, Diagnosis of Mechanical Problems in Machinery or Equipment, Cost Estimation for Repair Services, Metal Properties Identification for Repair or Fabrication Activities, Inspection of Products or Systems for RegulatoryCompliance, Quantity of Assembly Output Monitoring

Assembly, Repair & Operation: Manual Fabrication, Dismantle and Assembly of Manufactured Products Installation of Electrical Fixtures or Components, Lay Out Machining, Welding or Precision Assembly Projects Machinery, Equipment, or Parts Lubrication, Hoist, Winch, or Hydraulic Boom Operation, Power-Generating Equipment or Machinery / Vehicle Engine Electrical System Test Equipment Overhaul, Industrial, Manufacturing or Repair Setting Safety Inspections, Blueprints, Schematics, Specifications, Technical Drawings, Work Order, Instructions or Processing Charts Interpretation, Electronic Components, Equipment, or Systems Repair, Hand or Power Tools Utilization / Machine Tools Installation, Maintenance, or Repair


Safety Procedures / Government Regulations Compliance, Records Operations and Management, Organizational Operating Practices, Technical Information Communication, Policies, Procedures, Methods, or Standards Development, Safety Regulations Development, Documents Verification for Completeness, Accuracy & Standards Compliance, Product/Performance Evaluation


Customer/Public Inquiries Response, New Business Solicitation, Workers Activities Direction & Coordination Customer Complaints Investigation & Resolution, Electronic Repair Work/Technical Information Knowledge Technical Operation & Service/Repair Manuals Interpretation


Automotive Technician
Self Employed, Detroit, MI

  • Performed diagnostic inspections; installed radiators, alternators, starters, steering columns, valve cover gaskets, belts and hoses, gas tanks and lines, along with front and rear brakes and axles.
  • Ensured that services to clients were provided smoothly and without interruption by collaborating with clients.

Automotive Production Worker
QRS Agency | TUV Corporation,
Livonia/Redford, MI

  • Performed inspection and replacement of defective rear ends to more than 3,500 Dodge Ram trucks.
  • Traveled to Detroit several times a month to render repair service to clients’ Dodge Durango vehicles, including replacing windshield wiper assembly, conducting passenger and driver side weather stripping and un-installing and re- installing rocker-arms.
  • Replaced clock-springs, valve covers, steering wheels and tow hooks; removed and re-installed front bumpers and grills of Jeep Liberty and Commander vehicles.
  • Conducted detailed inspection and replacement of defective instrument panels, interior covers and electrical parts of Chrysler Aspen, changing the rear struts and rear ends on all vehicles and screwing caliber bolts by hand to the maximum torque specification.
  • Replaced center console parts, checked coolant temperature, inspected power steering lines and corrected exhaust pipe location of the Chrysler 300 vehicle.
  • Completed special projects under the guidance of the owner of Argus Corporation, worked with 15 support team members, reported to 5 supervisors, and accomplished all projects in all kinds of weather conditions.

Installation Technician
ABC Agency, Northville, MI

  • Installed hands-free cellular phones, tray tables, goose neck lamps, seat switches for indoor panel, back seats and seat cushions as well as wiring harness inside the truck and under the front hood of each automobile, along with additional turn signals to the rear and front bumpers and side marker.

Automotive Technician
GHI Service Center Inc., Detroit, MI

  • Repaired radiators, transmissions, alternators, starters, steering columns, head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, wiring harness, head and tail lights, belts and hoses, sensors and relays, gas tanks, pumps, drive shafts, ball joints, master cylinders, front brakes and axles.


Distribution Material Handler/ Shipping and Receiving
KLM Company, Farmington Hills, MI

  • Oversaw and directed the maintenance of warehouse production areas by conducting visual inspection of raw materials; documented any damage, contamination and discoloration.
  • Controlled the operations of incoming shipments of Type I and Type II level control substance, managing movements as required and supplying production lines in a timely manner.
  • Ensured proper stock rotation and compliance with all safety policies and procedures.
  • Served as forklift driver, moving freights in between loading docks and storage areas as well as keeping track of inventory as shipments are stored.

Guest Services Staff/ Team Member
S.A.F.E. Management, Detroit, MI
2005 (Seasonal)

  • Received and guided guests to their designated seating area and addressed all customer concerns, such as helping physically impaired clients and those who lost their children or personal belongings.
  • Ensured that rules and regulations at Ford Field were continuously implemented, while guaranteeing that the guests have a wonderful experience during their stay.

Distribution Material Handler/ Shipping and Receiving
QRS Corp., Detroit, MI 2010-2011

  • Performed inspection and controlled quality assurance of retrieved products, including DVDs, DVD covers, inserts, and special promotional coupons; conducted visual scanning to ensure that there were no damages and that all products were accounted for by reviewing the delivery sheet for accuracy; as well as operated several kinds of forklifts and maintained inventory records.


Automotive Electrical Technology | Briethaupt Vocational,
Detroit, MI: 2007

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Basic: Basic Life Supportq
Training | Life Support Training Institute, Southfield, MI: 2018

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate | Life Support
Training Institute, Southfield, MI: 2018

Certified Nursing Assistant Training | Medical Career
Development Center, Southfield, MI: 2014