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Dedicated and skilled professional with progressive years of experience in counseling and therapeutic administration, combined with group facilitation and adolescent issues management. Possess hands-on experience in clinical operations, integrating service quality in all aspects of operations while optimizing programs to ensure service enhancements. Exemplify commitment to patients, employees, and the community along with strong focus on responsibility. Demonstrate verifiable strengths in analytical thinking, problem resolution, communication, decision-making, and management. Constantly display inherent ability to work with minimum supervision.

Key Strengths

  •  Program Planning and Development
  • Prevention Case Management
  • Counseling and Testing
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Treatment Plan Development
  • Leadership and Development
  • Organizational and Time Management Skills
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Technical Skills: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Outlook Express), Microsoft XP, SPSS, Adobe, Internet Explorer

Professional Experience

LMN Human Services | Philadelphia PA
Behavioral Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist | 2017-Present

  • Lead all initiatives in providing specialized behavioral assessments and treatment interventions in homes, schools, and other community locations.
  • Manage or eliminate problematic behavior through execution of specific therapeutic interventions.
  • Guarantee solid comprehension of team members on child’s unique needs and intervention strategies through close interaction and collaboration.
  • Deliver exemplary training, consultation, and supervision of team members in any setting where a child may be experiencing emotional or behavioral problems.

Harm Reduction Specialist | 2016-2018

  • Managed and organized weekly onsite and monthly offsite schedules for all early intervention and CTR staff while running controls on Trinity and OraQuick Advanced tests weekly.
  • Rendered efficient performance in maintaining relationships with existing sites as well as in developing new and potential sites.
  • Ensured accuracy of materials returned from AACO and the submission of all appropriate testing records to AACO through comprehensive review of all testing records for quality control.
  • Guaranteed proper implementation of testing and counseling procedures by testers as well as carried out testing activities at health fairs and other one-time events.
  • Played a key role in updating and maintaining all documentation in Philadelphia FIGHT’s testing manual along with all paper and electronic files and records.
  • Coordinated confirmatory testing and priority referrals to the Lax Center and Client Services, in partnership with the Lax Center Administrative Director.
  • Leveraged expertise in providing direct counseling and testing services to diverse patients of the Lax Center and other walk-ins at Philadelphia FIGHT’s primary location.
  • Prepared and delivered HIV/AIDS presentations to staff and community.
  • Actively engaged in National HIV Testing Day events during AIDS Education Month.

IJKL Hospital of Philadelphia | Philadelphia PA
HIV Counselor and Prevention Case Manager | 2013-2016

RST Health Center | Philadelphia PA
Sexual and Reproductive Counselor | 2009-2011

  • Demonstrated proficiency in presenting various sexual health issues to diverse populations and in promoting specialized community events focusing on health awareness.
  • Supported healthy decision-making and risk reduction by providing counseling sessions to clients.
  • Offered services such as HIV testing by creating and instigating new testing sites in the community.
  • Administered the recruitment and engagement of clients as well as the screening and assessment of HIV and STD risks and medical and psychosocial service needs, including STD evaluation and treatment and substance abuse treatment.
  • Served as key contributor in developing a client-centered “prevention plan” and multiple-session, HIV risk-reduction counseling.
  • Displayed versatility and multitasking skills in performing diverse tasks, such as active coordination of services with follow-up; monitoring and reassessment of clients’ needs, risks, and progress; and discharge from PCM upon attainment and maintenance of risk-reduction goals.

GALAEI (The Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative) | Philadelphia PA
Youth Educator | 2005-2009

  • Applied exceptional communication and presentation skills in creating and facilitating prevention workshops on sexual and social health issues for groups of 15 to 30 youth age 13 to 23, five days a week.
  • Provided incomparable service to several agency-specific and professional committees.


Master of Human Services, with Concentration in Counseling | 2017
ABCD University | Lincoln, PA

Licenses and Certifications

Risk Reduction Counseling
HIV/AIDS Prevention Network Training and Certification Program
The AIDS Activities Coordinating Office (AACO)

Prevention Case Management Skills Enhancement Training
Group Facilitation Training

Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Association
Pennsylvania Counseling Association