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You have certainly read about the perennial “how to write an effective resume” in more than a couple of times. While there is no standard rule of thumb on what or how a resume ought to be, it is important to learn about making your “selling points” shine the most. This is basically the key to making hiring managers ring you right after they have read your resume.

In this section, you will get to read loads of information on the best practices of writing, structuring, and arranging your all-important job hunt tool. You think you have seemingly confusing skills and abilities, with no particular focus of interest? Are there some gaps in your career history you can’t clearly defend or cover up? Do you plan on shifting to another career but have no idea how to mention in your resume that you are very much capable and up to new challenges? The answers and ways to deal with these issues and many more await you as you click through each of our resume articles. Not only that, you will also get to see different samples of result-producing resumes, highly customized to their target careers!

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