Blank Resumes: Why a Form is Not Good for Your Job Hunt

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While here we are in times when jobs are really scarce (though they said it’s improving), every jaded job hunter just want to be spared from the grunt task of creating a resume. So they are googling for web sites that poofs blank resumes that only require them to supply their names, background, and trivial data that have nothing to do with their profession.

That may have ended their problem of pouring too much effort just to find a career. But that does not solve their problem of getting a decent occupation with a decent pay. Just imagine this: every lazy applicant just passing the same resume with the same content and just their name changed on it. Disaster? Believe me, this is no paranoia.

Now, if one gets the point already, fill in the blanks are just for grade school examinations. And were no grade school to do the same in a professional job market. Here are some of the many reasons why these types of application papers simply don’t work:

            1.   No originality

That’s simple. Nobody hires a person without any specialty. Templates tend to be too general that they can’t just tell why you should be hired. It tells what qualities you have that can describe others as well. Need say, originality and uniqueness is a very big factor in making the employers put you on the top pile. In order to win that coveted job post, you have to work for it and prove that you’re better than anyone else.

            2.   It doesn’t talk about you as a professional

Blank resumes may mention your name, your contact details, other trivial things and what have you, however, remove the name and it never say anything about you. Every word that is written can be used to describe every average Joe out there. In fact, it can even describe any Joe’s dog. “Motivated” “goal oriented” and “team player” can almost tell about the puggle next door.

            3.   HRs are already sick of it

Imagine yourself reading the same old boring home gardening book over and over again, for a hundred times a year. That’s exactly how our jaded hiring personnel feel whenever they read just another innovative, results-oriented, and good communicator’s application paper. It’s nerve-whacking, so do them a favor. In the end, you’ll be rewarded. Creating something just for the sake of passing will only damage your personality. We don’t have to guess where the trash work goes straight to.

            4.   It damages credentials

People who opt to go for free templates are labeled as the laziest candidates. You don’t want to be caught as one, or do you? This is a question of whether you’re really serious with your prospect. The rule is simple: if you do some efforts to present yourself well, it reflects on your personal brand. If you didn’t, it tells a lot about you as well.

            5.   It doesn’t bring out the good in you

Remember that you write a resume not just to express your interest in the job post. You also compose it to prove that you’re worth the hire. If you wish to really win the affirmation of the employer, it takes a lot of effort and brainstorming. Such blank resumes and other shortcuts just won’t bring you to where you want to be.