Body Language Tips to Heed for Your Next Job Interview

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body language tips for job interviewDon’t let your body give away your fear and anxiety behind your eloquent talk. Stay aware of these body language tips that can help you through your job interview process.

Seven Body Language Tips for Your Big Day
1. A Great Entrance

Your interview starts even before you get into the interview room. You wouldn’t know the person riding the elevator with you, observing you from a window, or sitting with you in the lobby. Work on your entrance before you enter the building premises and your body should tell anyone who might be watching that you’re confident and calm.

2. A Firm Handshake

The perfect handshake should be firm, hold a complete grasp of the hand, and should come with a good eye contact and sincere smile. Offer your hand with the palm slightly up so your interviewer’s hand covers yours. It signals honesty, engagement, and submission. Never wipe your hand off on your pants because it conveys that you find the person unclean. Also, avoid placing your other hand on top of the handshake. Other people might perceive this added grasp as overbearing.

3. A Good Posture

As per various body language tips from the experts, slouching can mean disinterest or not being serious around the interviewer while slumping can suggest lack of confidence. A good posture exudes confidence and assurance. If these postures are innate, try to lean your back straight against the chair. Pretend there’s a string pulling you up from the crown of your head.

4. A Calm Composure

If you’re nervous, your built-up energy may emerge through leg shaking, finger tapping, or accelerated speech. Though involuntary, fidgeting conveys anxiety and distracts your interviewer. A composed image goes hand-in-hand with confidence. Make yourself calm and composed by taking deep breaths throughout the interview.

5. An Engaged Expression

Another “must” on these body language tips is to stay engaged by leaning and nodding from time to time. Show the interviewer that you’re attentive and listening by nodding your head. You can also lean in slightly in your chair to show that you’re absorbed in the conversation. However, don’t overdo it for you might seem intrusive of your interviewer’s private space.

6. An Open Gesture

Avoid crossing your arms and legs because they will make you look defensive or guarded. Instead, sit up straight and display your neck, chest, and stomach area. This will signal that you’re ready and open to what they offer. Also, keeping your both feet on the ground can help you go between creative thought and complex rational thought making it easier to answer even the unexpected questions.

7. A Graceful Exit

At the end of the interview, don’t be in a hurry to leave as if you’re escaping from hell. Gather your belongings carefully, rise smoothly, smile, and go for another firm handshake. If the interviewer is holding the door for you, say “thank you”. If you’re the first to exit, hold the door open for them (if they’re leaving, too). They surely don’t want the door banging on their noses as you leave.

Attending a job interview is like walking a tightrope. Heed these body language tips to avoid sabotaging your own job search. For more job interview tips and strategies, feel free to browse our website.