Six Obvious Signs You’re Close to Quitting Your Job

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As an employee, you may sometimes have a career dilemma. Likewise, you may experience difficult days that last for a week or more. If you can’t remember the last good day you had in the office, it may be time to consider resigning.

To help, we have listed six signs you’re experiencing right now that say you must quit your job as soon as possible. If most of the signs point toward your career dilemma, then clean up your miserable desk for good. 

1. You dread Mondays, Tuesdays, and other weekdays.

garfield is experiencing career dilemma by hating mondays


Although “Sunday night blues” are common, rejoicing in your freedom on weekends and fearing your return to work on Mondays may mean you don’t love your work anymore. If you spend most of your workdays browsing online shops or playing games, it shows you dislike what you’re doing, and you’re searching for something more interesting.


2. You’re not growing and learning.

career dilemma: OMG what now?


Every job must improve an employee’s skills and add them to his value as a worker. If you’re not learning anything new, and you’re stuck in the same role every day, work somewhere else.


3. Your boss gave you more duties, but your pay is still the same.

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According to career experts, when downsizing has moved your team to work double time, but your pay is nowhere near double, it may be time to advance. This issue is so true, especially if your company is performing well, but your paycheck does not mirror it.


4. Your boss ignores your skills.

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If you’re in a position that doesn’t allow you to use your knowledge, maybe you should search for another company. If you know you have more to offer, don’t doubt yourself. Get ready for change! 


5. You’re neglecting your loved ones.
career dilemma, I gotta go!


When you suppose you’re spending less time with your loved ones because of work, or you can’t commit to the schedule, find a job elsewhere.


6. You’re burning out, always.
omg, career dilemma, im so tired


Feeling weary is normal after a hard day’s work. But if your life is in a chronic state of stress and fatigue—thanks to your work—you’re probably suffering from job burnout.

Physical, mental, and emotional fatigue from work can manifest in many ways. You may gain or lose significant weight, have sleep disruptions, or get upset with simple things right away, among others. As what career experts said, fear, stress, and boredom can drain energy and affect work performance, resulting into a losing situation.

If you cannot solve your career dilemma, read How to Enjoy Your Stay at Work on our blog page now. This will help you rekindle your passion for work in no time. If you tried everything, but work is simply unbearable, go to your favorite job board already and look for open positions. For more tips, visit our career tips page.