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Chief Electrician Resume Examples: Being Hands-On With the Job

Looking for tips on how to write a chief electrician resume? Chief electrician resume examples will give you ideas on how to craft your own profile. But it takes a strong master electrician resume to get noticed by your target employers. Before you write one, know first your key role as a chief electrician. This will help you come up with a good resume content.

A chief electrician handles a team of electricians who do the repair and installation of electrical power, lightning, and control systems for residential and commercial buildings. So, you should be able to read blueprints or technical drawings. This allows you to plan and manage the tasks done by your team. You give them tasks and deploy them to different areas. But you should always be ready to step in when site issues arise.

One sample project for electrical works is done in building constructions. Buildings have electrical systems installed during construction. Likewise, these systems have to be maintained in order to function well. Your job is to make people’s lives more comfortable. Thus, as someone who plays a big role in society, let your profile speak about your duties.

One of the Best Chief Electrician Resume Examples

Chief Electrician Resume Example

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Chief Electrician


Extremely competent and versatile electrician, with strong qualifications developed over progressive years within the electrical construction industry. Exemplify understanding of power distribution systems and high-performance power-monitoring instrumentations. Demonstrate cross-functional skills in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration; welding and brazing; as well as in isolating defects in wiring, switches, motors, and other electrical equipment. Possess strong knowledge of policies, procedures, equipment, materials, and supplies relevant to construction, operation, maintenance, and timely repair of equipment. Solid ability in nurturing positive and harmonious working relationships with all contacts within line of work. Highly motivated individual committed to achieving bottom-line success of missions through solid business acumen and professional work ethic.


Motor Control Centers (Single and Three-Phase AC Motors)
Input and Output Devices
Modules Troubleshooting and Repair
AC Electrical Equipment (Three-Phase 208, 460, 600 volts)
750 Volts DC, SCR Drives, Electromotive Type DC Motors
Motor-Generator Sets for Powering DC Motors
60 Ton Electric Cranes
Electronic Controllers/Programmable Logic Controllers
2520 KVA Alternating Current Power Generators
Satellite Communications Equipment
High-Frequency Dielectric Heat Seal Equipment
General Factory Hydraulic and Pneumatic


Chief Electrician
XYZ ARABIA, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia | Jun 2017-Present

Manage and streamline mission-specific operations of the drill floor. Spearhead electricians and senior electricians to achieve maximum potential and report directly to the rig manager on overall electrical work and maintenance. Troubleshoot and repair several drilling equipment, such as CanRig Top Drive; National oil well mud pumps; Kato power generation and transmission equipment; Caterpillar 3512 engines; National cranes and other material handling equipment; Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers and variable frequency drive controllers for AC drive motors; Ross Hill SCR drives for DC drive motors and equipment; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment; communications equipment; Koomey well control equipment; rig lighting; as well as gas and fire alarms.

Key Contributions:

  • Utilized analytical and solid problem-solving skills in troubleshooting and repairing the main 600VAC buss and MCC and 460 VAC buss and MCC.
  •  Worked hand-in-hand with American Bureau of Shipping, Coast Guard, Mineral Management Service, and other local authorities in Saudi Arabia in conducting daily inspections on various electrical equipment.

Chief Electrician
ABC OFFSHORE INC., Houma, LA, USA | Nov 2013-Aug 2016

Proactively involved with overall rig floor operations, and directly reported to the rig maintenance supervisor. Managed electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of specific drilling equipment, Varco top drive; Continental Emsco mud pumps; Kato power generation and transmission equipment; Caterpillar and EMD main engines; National cranes and other material-handling equipment, programmable logic controllers, and variable frequency drive controllers for AC drive motors; Ross Hill and Tech Power SCR drives for DC drive motors and equipment; heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment; communications equipment; Koomey and CAD BOP and well control equipment; rig lighting; and gas and fire alarms.

Key Contributions:

  • Provided expert oversight other electricians on board, ensuring proper execution of electrical works.
  • Identified inconsistencies and immediately provided repair to 600 VAC and 460 VAC buss and MCC.

Maintenance Electrician
EFG CORPORATION, Newton, MS, USA | Sep 2012-Jun 2013

Executed troubleshooting and repair to a wide range of production equipment for the foundry factory. Administered PLC controls on the production equipment, traditional electrical equipment, and high-voltage equipment. Monitored bridge cranes, high-voltage melting equipment, blasting machines, and heat treatment equipment. Reported directly to the shift maintenance supervisor.

Key Contribution:

  • Handled and completed the repair of specialized equipment, such as 50 ton and 100 ton bridge cranes and melting pot operation equipment controls, successfully minimizing down time of the plant operation.

Licensed Electrical Contractor
HIJ ELECTRIC COMPANY, Little Rock, MS, USA | Feb 2012-Sep 2012; Jun 2013-Oct 2013

Handled and coordinated electrical work, which included building, remodeling, troubleshooting, and repairing electrical equipment and wirings.

Key Contribution:

  • Completed electrical construction projects will full compliance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code and any other requirements of the Planning and Inspections Office in the city limits of Meridian, Mississippi; received approvals and managed other electricians on electrical projects.

Senior Electrician
KLM CORPORATION, Houston, TX, USA |Jan 2002-Feb 2012; Oct 1999-Aug 2001; Apr 1998-Jan 1999

Directly reported to the rig maintenance supervisor on all aspects of business operations, including electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of specific drilling equipment, National, Continental Emsco, Kato power generation and transmission equipment, Catepillar and EMD engines, Letourneau cranes and other material handling equipment, Allen Bradley and Siemans programmable logic controllers, and variable frequency drive controllers for AC drive motors, Ross Hill, IPS, and Tech Power SCR drives for DC drive motors and equipment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, satellite and radio communications equipment, well control equipment, all rig lighting, and  gas and fire alarms. Dealt with management of the primary operation on the drill floor.

Key Contributions:

  • Took initiative in troubleshooting various discrepancies on 600VAC buss and MCC and the 480 volt buss and MCC.
  • Set-up and coordinated the daily work schedule and ensured total compliance with established safety policies;  spearheaded job safety analysis and authorization of work permits.

Rig Electrician, Nop DRILLING COMPANY, Lafayette, LA, USA
Electrician, Opq ELECTRIC COMPANY, Meridian, MS, USA
Maintenance Electrician, Pqr NATIONAL COMPANY, Meridian, MS, USA


Operations Specialist-E5/OS2 (Honorably Discharge) * UNITED STATES NAVY, New York, NY, USA


QRS Junior College, Meridian, MS

RST College, Decatur, MS


Programmable Logic Controllers Technician Program: 2016
40-Hour Basic and Advanced Fire Fighting: 2015
Applications of Siemens PLC: 2014
Safety Focus III: 2011
Rig Management System II: 2010
Environmental TEAM Training: 2009
Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Certification Program: 2008
Safety Focus II: 2008
Safety Focus: 2006
Siemens S7 300/ 400 Maintenance: 2006
Leadership II: 2005
Supervisor Quality Management: 2004
Top Drive System Operation and Maintenance: 2003
The Advanced SCR Maintenance Course: 2002
Intermediate SCR Maintenance Course: 2002
Electrician On The Job Training Program T1 Requirement: 1999
Intermediate SCR Maintenance Course: 1999

Chief Electrician Resume Examples: Inspecting Electrical Systems

You can write your chief electrician resume fast through a resume builder. This will help you save time and just focus on the content of your resume.

Likewise, effective chief electrician resume examples have a qualifications profile, relevant experience, and key skills. But don’t just stuff your resume with sets of skills. There are resume skills section writing tips to follow to revamp your resume. This is how you tailor your resume based on the job demands.

Now, you already have practical ideas in writing your chief electrician resume. Next thing, know how to make yourself the best choice for the job. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that employment for electricians will grow up to 9% by 2026.

With this in mind, are you now ready to lead this team of valuable people? Chief electrician resume examples allow you to write your own resume fast. But your target employer will see your potential if your resume is written by a professional resume writer. Any task done by an expert will surely have its way to success. Experts know exactly what they do. So, avail our best resume writing services to help you get your dream role soon!