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“Researcher and Analyst of Hurricane Data”

Goal-oriented, versatile scientific researcher and analyst of hurricane data, offering advanced background in atmospheric science, backed with practical experience in meteorology. Highly proficient in numerous computer operations with keen eye for specifics, graphic design, and research. Quick thinker and learner with proven track record of putting forth more than 100% effort in completing tasks with high degree of quality as well as successfully perform tasks spontaneously, with minimal preparation. Demonstrated professionalism and dedication during nonstop severe weather and hurricane coverage; able to perform well and maintain focus amidst highly stressful situations.

  • Awarded with the prestigious Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal (Seal #405), belonging to the top 25% of meteorologists in the area  who successfully completed written examination and passed the assessment of work for technical competence, informational value, explanatory value, and communication skills by a board of 12 certified members who hold an elective office.
  • Created and provided recommendations for the BARON’s graphics systems, which were implemented into the new release of the system in Fall 2011.


Environmental Research: Performed environmental pre- and post-research on hurricane effects in impacted regions, including coastal erosion and effects on wildlife, flooding, and wind damage. Conducted evaluation and analysis of historical hurricane data and its relationship with future hurricane patterns.

  • Singlehandedly maintained all weather systems and provided staff training on the latest software at WVUE in New Orleans; entrusted to execute critical tasks of producing graphics for primetime shows.
  • Instrumental in the successful deployment of three-meter instrument towers for hurricanes Ivan, Frances, Katrina, and Rita, data collected for which was sold to private companies involved in research of storm structures, wind speeds, strength and future storms forecasting as well as participated in storm chasing through Texas, Oklahoma, Lousiana, and Arkansas.

Weather Forecasting: Developed and designed daily weather graphics using Weather Central and WSI to assess long-term weather patterns. Displayed expertise in forecasting short- and long-term weather patterns. Prepared and reported daily weather forecasts; proactively handled field tasks and delivered reports on major events and environmental impacts.

  • Successfully provided hourly forecast in support of movie productions in New Orleans as well as 24-hour coverage for hurricane Gustav for 5 straight days.

Community Involvement: Traveled to different schools, attended public functions, and promoted the importance of weather safety. Educated on how storm spotter contribute to the community. Generated detailed and reliable report on severe weather damage for local TV stations.


OPQ University, Monroe, LA

  • Sigma Gamma Epsilon Science Honors Society (Member)
  • ULM Helps (Hurricane Research Team)
  • American Meteorological Society (Chapter Secretary)


  • ABC University, Baton Rouge, LA
  •  Phi Mu Sorority (Member/Alumni)


BARON’s Training, Huntsville, AL
(Vipir and FasTrac Radar and OMNI Graphics System)


COMPANY OPQ, New Orleans, LA |    2006-Present
Fill-in Meteorologist / Weather Producer

COMPANY LMN, New Orleans, LA | 2006-Present
Private Researcher

COMPANY IJK, Monroe, LA | 2006
Weekend Meteorologist/Weather Producer

Chief Meteorologist Tom Pearson/COMPANY IJK, Monroe, LA | 2005-2006

Daily Climatic Date and Air Quality Research/COMPANY FGH, Monroe, LA | 2004-2006
Field Researcher

OPQ University, Monroe, LA | 2005-2006
Field Geographer

Chief Meteorologist Bruce Katts/COMPANY CDE, New Orleans, LA | 2005

Forecasters and Hydrologists/National Weather Service, Slidell, LA | 2005
Volunteer / Assistant to Forecasters and Hydrologist


Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/7/Vista
Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office)
Adobe Photoshop
Weather Central (3D: LIVE and LIVE)
Barons (VIPIR, Fastrac, StormWarn, OMNI)
WSI (Weather Producer, ShowFX, MAX Storm, TITAN, TruVu Alert)
Weather Windows (Enterprise Doppler Radar)


American Meteorological Society Gulf Coast: 2001-Present
Junior League of New Orleans: 2010-Present