Four Downplayed Ways That Can Get You Fired in an Instant

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Four Downplayed WaysUnseen aspects of your career that can give you the boot

Getting fired means that the company does not want you to stay anymore due to reasons of unproductivity, sluggishness, or burnout. It is one of the reasons why an individual’s career starts to fade out.

Basically, companies are always on the hunt for individuals brimming with enthusiasm and energy, rather than keep someone who is always late and uninterested upon arriving at the office.

Although productivity or individual contribution matters, modern companies fire employees based on aspects including personal hygiene and co-worker relationship. Companies in the Unites States want individuals who can perform and at the same time, maintain a personality that can motivate the people around them.

If you are the type of employee who is silent or does not know how to cultivate ideas brought by your company’s manager or co-workers, then you are in danger of losing your job. Career experts are looking at the possibility of employees losing their job because of poor interpersonal and networking skills.

Below are just four often spoken about ways that can get you fired on the spot:

  • Fudged resumes may backfire on you during company evaluations– There is an emerging practice among Human Resource (HR) personnel nowadays to screen an employee’s resume during quarterly evaluations. This act is very effective against lagging employees who beforehand promised during the job interview that they will consistently perform on a high note.Furthermore, employees who fudged their resume may end up looking for work. Companies do not tolerate fictitious achievements, and even if you do end up winning the Employee of the Month award for four straight quarters, management will not hesitate to remove you if they find you guilty of sensationalizing your application.
  • Exhaust company resources unintelligently – Company resources including electricity or Internet connection are crucial in ensuring that the business stays afloat despite of growing economic disturbances. Small-to-middle size companies remind each of their employees to conserve on resources, which can impair company growth or stunt its competitive edge when important materials become unavailable.
  • Tongue-lash co-workers or spread harmful gossips– Provoking co-workers into a verbal warfare is unhealthy nor does it promote camaraderie and teamwork. Employees oftentimes find personal satisfaction when they feel like they are verbally dominant against their co-workers.Additionally, employees who spread rumors devoid of substance are more likely to receive reprimanding in the form of a pink slip.
  • Becomes a ghost employee– Ghost employees are referred to as individuals who are inside the office, but their presence cannot be felt. A ghost employee is the type of worker who silently enters and leaves the room without anyone noticing.Companies want their people to enjoy their stay at the office by giving the freedom to make friends. A ghost employee, on the other hand, enjoys the haunting thought of working alone for unapparent reasons. Additionally, ghost employees find it difficult to pitch in ideas that can contribute to the company’s growth.