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Do you want a job that can offer you security, high pay, and pleasure while you help save lives? Get into the medical field! Behind the scrubs and check-ups are not just doctors and nurses. There’s a professional that ensures the quality care of every patient—healthcare administrator. How do you become one? Study our healthcare administrator resume examples and job tips below to get you started, stat!

What to Check in Healthcare Administrator Resume Examples

When a patient seeks medical help, what do doctors first check? They look at the current case. What do the vital signs say? Does the patient need urgent care? With this data, they form a basic diagnosis. They have to do it fast, as lives are on the line with their choice.

Likewise, a hiring manager would give your resume the same treatment. They will examine your resume, check for signs, then decide whether you fit the part. Hence, your healthcare management job resume should contain what they need. Since you want a managerial post and many lives are at stake, are you ready to prove you fit the bill? Use our resume sample above as you boost these resume sections!

Qualifications Profile

As vital signs are essential in treating patients, this resume section is as vital as it gives the hiring manager your strengths at a glance. Your main goal is to convince them that you are an asset to the company. Here’s a tip: Write this last. As you write your resume, gather your career feats. Write it as a preview of the impressive parts of your career. However, be careful and avoid making your healthcare resume summary statement longer than 5 lines.

Area of Expertise

Doctors have their specialties. Your job as a hospital administrator is to ensure their skills benefit the hospital. Hence, your future employer wants to find out if you can live up to the task. Prove them your worth using your areas of expertise. Like the summary profile, display here a list of what you do best. Do yours measure up with our healthcare administrator resume examples?

Professional Expertise

Patients have a medical history. It helps attendants find the root of the disease, or steer away with snags on the patients’ health. In relation to this, hirers want to identify your previous job tasks and triumphs, and even past troubles. Here’s your chance to flaunt your career highlights! Advertise your highs with quantified data. Use percentages, ratings, and amount saved.

What if you have a healthcare administration resume with no experience? Shape up this part to display your know-how related to the job instead. Feature your transferable skills, so you can gain the hirer’s trust. Or, better ask a career expert!

Education and Credentials

Are you new to the field? Boost this aspect of your entry-level healthcare administration resume. While any related courses may apply, applicants who belong to the nursing field commonly snag the post. Hence, make sure you have the basic licenses so you enjoy this edge. Others also possess a Master’s Degree in Nursing to rack up their chances.

      Skills to Find in a Healthcare Administrator Resume Sample

      If you think the emergency room is where most split-second events happen; think again. It happens in the top office where the most life-changing decisions occur and affect the whole hospital. Hence, the healthcare manager must have the right skills to get the job done. But what are these skills? We listed the seven skills you need to be an outstanding expert. Check out the list based on our healthcare administrator resume examples!

      • Industry Knowledge – Keep updated on what’s happening in the industry. Grow your network or even pursue higher education.
      • Leadership – Set the pace and mood of the hospital. How will you inspire them to deliver the best care possible?
      • Critical Thinking – Prepare and handle possible outcomes to your every action. As one of the decision-makers, you must discern which is best for the hospital, your staff, and the patients.
      • Relationship Building – Converse with key hospital personnel. How will you establish trust in your wards to keep it running smoothly?
      • Ethical Judgment – Remember your ethical duty. Your moral compass should be in place, so you can make sound decisions.
      • Adaptability – Gear up for instant changes. How will you adjust your attitude toward the changes in the healthcare scene?
      • Quick Thinking – Think on your feet. It may be a challenge to decide where many lives are at stake. That’s why you must take responsibility for both triumphs and troubles caused by your decisions.

      Job Outlook of a Healthcare Administrator

      In order to stand out among the crowds, you have to belong to the best applicants. However, the rewards of becoming one are worth all the hard work you’re going to exert. As of 2018, the average medical and health services managers salary is $99,730 per year. Some hospital managers enjoy as much as $182,600. Don’t worry; you have more room to expand. Your job outlook is also eighteen percent faster than average growth.

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