How to Be an Expert Resume Writer

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Whoever started the trend of hiring somebody to write your application papers, he is probably also responsible for the booming number of people claiming to be expert resume writers.

Never mind about the crazy thing about hiring industry, applicants spend tons of hours just to ace a golden 10-second glance of employers at their copy. And not all have the prowess and interest enough to spark a good impression on the first screening, so these people hire those who do.

However, career seekers must beware that some are only self-proclaimed professionals who make application papers right out from the cookie cutter- adjoining phrases from templates here and there, and voila, a seemingly professional-looking copy of aggregated applicant clichés.

If you are afraid that you might be falling into the trap of paying for fake services like this, you can check out their credentials. But if you’re one of the few gifted scribes who’d like to try venturing into the hiring industry, better brace yourself with enough background on the field because even resume writers are not exempted from the tough competition in the job market. Moreover, we can never say that one is a certified expert by hitting check in these surefire indications:

          1.   You registered as a member of a known resume association

This is probably the first and most important thing you need to do before you can formally declare that you are a virtuoso in application. How will you do this? Attend seminars, read books, and create a portfolio of your own. And if you collected enough of these credentials, you may start asking for membership in a circle of expert resume writers. Just remember that learning about your craft is a continuous process. Memberships expire and trends change, so keep going ahead. Be active in the group and don’t stop growing your knowledge in the field.

          2.   You don’t just write the documents, you also learn how hirers will read them

You must know both sides of the coin. The hiring industry is not just about prospective employees, it is also about employers. So better listen to the pulse of trusted HR’s and know what they want to see from a hopeful candidate. Do not narrow your sight only to the characteristics and competencies of the job contender, rather also keep an eye to the culture and needs of the employers. This will not only enable you to formulate a paper that will wow your client, it will also make you compose something that will impress your client’s hirers.

          3.   Most of your clients are getting an interview

How to achieve this? Simple. Prioritize the demands of employers over the wants of your client. The one who will decide whether a contender is worthy of the interview or not is the person who will evaluate the papers. So if you got a high customer satisfaction but low interview rate, there is still something wrong with the way you compose the document. The measure of your success will not be taken on how many people availed your services, but rather on how many are actually getting into the end result they want from your works. And that is, to land an interview.

          4.   You can give non-generic advice to career finders

People will know if you’re a true-blue expert resume writer or just a know-it-all aleck. Be cautious with giving recommendations because it is where your caliber shows most of the time. Give specific pieces of advice and explain them in details.