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  • Diligent and compassionate health care professional, with strong educational foundation and extensive background in medicine.
  • Excellent physician with in-depth expertise in providing outstanding patient care, complemented with hands-on methods of diagnoses and treatment in hospital, clinic and community health care areas.
  • Equipped with broad-based knowledge in non-life-threatening illness and basic procedures in common diseases management.
  • Adept at developing strategies and plans that drive attainment of established key goals: cost containment, effective service and high-quality health care.
  • Well-versed analytical thinker with proven track record of success in creating, presenting and conducting case analyses as well as preparing and completing case studies.
  • Reliable team player; accustomed to collaborating with other physicians, residents and attending physicians.
  • Emphatic and motivated, with composure to complete tasks within fast-paced, unpredictable and stressful situations. Articulate communicator; bilingual in English and Farsi.


ABC University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran: 2011
Doctor of Medicine
International Medical Graduate (IMG)

Step 2 CK (Clinical Knowledge), (Score: 99): 2018
Step 2 CS (Clinical Skills), (Pass/Fail: passed with
above average scores): 2017
Step 1, (Score: 84): 2017
United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE)

ESL Classes (Technical Writing, Reading, and
Comprehension): 2013


Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification (Expiration Date: 2012)
Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Certification, 2016


Bcd Medical Center, 2018
Cde Hospital, 2018
Def Internal Medicine Clinic, 2018


Cde Hospital | Phoenix, AZ, USA | 2018

  • Utilized and leveraged medical knowledge and expertise through regular participation in daily rotations, along with frequently answering questions related to each case.
  • Ensured overall compliance and quality care standards.
  • Established and cultivated strong rapport with patients by providing optimal care in an emergency setting.
  • Promoted quality of care and fostered an open line of communication among members of health care team.

Bcd Medical Center | Miami Beach, FL, USA | 2018

  • Developed productive relationships with a physician in the emergency room under the Tarh Program.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in screening newly admitted patients as well as in conducting assessment and reassessment of their conditions.
  • Rendered urgent consultation service in the Emergency Department, and immediately responded to patients with non-life-threatening illnesses.
  • Prioritized health problems appropriately to administer patients in complex, urgent or emergency situations ranging from common cold and child birth, to automobile accidents and gunshot wounds

Def Internal Medicine Clinic | Wilmington, NC, USA | 2018

  • Provided exemplary assistance to medical providers by evaluating, diagnosing and handling patients with various diseases; along with presenting and performing case reviews, case analyses and authorization of patients for a broad spectrum of medical procedures.

Fgh Health and Treatment Center | Ardal City, Iran | 2011-2013

  • Attended government- and state-run schools; successfully obtained and completed a 2-3 year program, providing general and emergency care to less developed parts of the country.


Various awards for Educational Excellence (4th and 6th year in College)


Volunteer, Health Department, New Hanover County Health Department, Wilmington, NC


Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook