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Information technology (IT) managers hold one of the toughest and most challenging jobs across all trades. As IT evolves by leaps and bounds, firms continue to seek and employ professionals who can manage computer systems and networks crucial in business success. The increased demand could be a signal for you to pursue a high-level IT post in an industry where you’d excel. To help ease your job search burden, we’ve handpicked an output from our IT manager resume examples.

Also, heed some tips so you can pick the right samples and analyze the current job market data to help you decide right away. Read on.

The Contents of IT Manager Resume Examples

Resume for Dummies creates modern resumes so job-seeking clients would be on a par with competitive aspirants across the world. Our resume basically highlights one’s strengths and competence to convey how he/she fits to the job offer.

Follow these tips as we explain each of the sections.

Contact Details

Placed at the topmost portion or the header of your piece is your contact information. This includes your name, home address, phone number, and email address. If possible, you may also put here your website and link to your LinkedIn profile and portfolio. Never miss any of these details so the recruiter can easily contact and invite you for an interview.

Job Title

Whatever job position you want to pursue, tell it through your resume. Tell it straight away! In this case, the specified job title is IT manager. Also known as the career tag, this section eases the screening process among hopefuls as hiring managers don’t have to guess the position you want to fill.

Qualifications Profile

As a seasoned professional, you should ditch the obsolete objective statement and replace it with a profile summary instead. This modern way of presenting your qualifications is a sure booster to your marketability as it zeroes in on traits and value offer. How to write this section? Describe yourself in 3 to 5 sentences with strong adjectives to start each sentence. Be sure to include only those relevant to the job you’re applying.

Technical Acumen

Stereotyped as well-versed in the ins and outs of networks and systems, how can you prove your skills as an IT manager? Tip: List your core competencies below your Qualifications Profile. These include your savvies that relate to the use of drawing and diagramming programs, network simulation tools, network operating systems, and the basic software programs and applications. Yes, even the basics—Microsoft Office Suite—matters.

So, what skills are needed to be an IT manager? Besides strong technical skills mentioned above, an IT manager resume must also include soft skills such as leadership, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Also, put here your keen attention to detail, ability to work well under pressure, and good time management skills.

Professional Experience

Your work history tells what you have become over the years. This is a crucial section, giving the hiring manager an overview not only of your past roles and how you fulfilled them but of your progress as a professional.

Write this section in a reversed chronological order, with your most recent job held written first. You may not include the jobs you had from ten years ago unless they are relevant to the post you intend to pursue. Place here your job title, inclusive years of employment, company name and its location, and your job descriptions. If you have key achievements in a certain job post, put them, too.

Now, what is IT manager job description all about? Check the job announcement. Through it, you can tailor your piece to the target job. You may use the given descriptions as guide when citing your previous roles.

Education and Professional Development

Often overlooked by job seekers, the education and trainings sections of a resume are vital in your job search success. They convey your focus of study, as well as your effort in advancing your knowledge and skills. Hence, even if you took an online course, you need to put it in your resume.

Tips to Finding the Best Resume Samples

Accessibility of sample resumes from online sources doesn’t guarantee their usefulness. You’ll see plenty of them but they can’t help ease the writing process.

We, at Resume for Dummies, want to help you; thus, giving you these tips to better grasp what makes an effective IT Manager Resume sample. Here’s how to spot one:

  • Targeted to the job.

Don’t just look for IT resumes. Narrow down your search by seeking an IT Manager resume. The same goes if you’re applying for a Technical Project Manager.

  • Filled with keywords.

One good way to know how useful a resume example is is by looking at the words on it. The use of jargon and industry-relevant words gives you hints on its helpfulness. Any of the project manager resume skills and IT project manager qualifications and traits can give you the right set of buzzwords to use.

Extra tip: Look also for a sample cover letter.

On Current Job Market and Opportunities

Job Outlook

Based on its latest report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS projects a good job outlook for Computer and Information Systems Managers. It says the growth from 2018 to 2028 will be 11%, much faster than the average for all of the job posts.

Median Pay

BLS records show how much pros in this field earned in 2018. The amount was a whopping $142,530 per year.


Additional 46,800 workers are set to join the workforce by 2028, the BLS projects.

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