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Qualifications Profile

Multifaceted professional, powered with extensive information technology and business process experience in diverse industries. Demonstrate in-depth understanding and big-picture vision of key projects, with proven adeptness in managing all facets of project life cycle development. Decisive and direct in managing cross-functional teams toward achievement of company objectives. Exhibit strong ability to identify primary success factors and carry out strategic decisions to ensure both short- and long-term positive impacts. Effective problem solver, motivator, and leader; able to design innovative solutions, facilitate strategic software projects and initiatives, and centralize customer interaction to deliver optimal results. Proven track record of efficiently determining and meeting client needs, crucial in amplifying competence, reducing needs for re-engineering, achieving operational efficiency, and surpassing company goals.

Education and Credentials

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology: 2018
Master of Arts in Adult Education
CDE University, Minneapolis, MN

Master of Science in Management Information Systems: 2018
STUV University ▪ Coral Springs, FL

Bachelor of Science in Finance and Computer Information Systems: 2005
MNO College ▪ Bronx, NY

Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Minor in Accounting: 2004
LMN College ▪ Bronx, NY

Oracle PL/SQL Developer/Programmer Certification: 2013
Oracle Developer/Programmer (Oracle Forms 6i and Oracle Reports 6i) Certification: 2012
Oracle Report Developer Certification: 2010

Professional Experience

Abc Company, Alexandria, VA
Oracle Application Developer Technical Lead | Jul 2018–Present
Client: Mno Financial Corporation, Armonk, NY

Demonstrate unsurpassed leadership in producing multiple Oracle Packages, Process, Function, Triggers, and other database-related objects to meet business requirement of the Claims Workflow Project. Secure requirement for new functionalities that the business brings forth. Devise database physical models using the data modeling tool ERwin. Foster open communication between the technical developer and the business through interpretation of requirements and intents to either side of the spectrum.


  • Fabricated claim workflow main software to obtain and coordinate new claims data from existing claim payment systems; validated and navigated claims through the entire workflow process until the claims were paid by the company.
  • Initiated roles and security packages to allow individual with a given right/privilege to access the claims at different stages.
  • Facilitated regular meetings with other developers to ensure that the path of intent progress was clear; advised by project sponsors to confirm that intended business goals remain in focus.
  • Instituted Workflow Email Oracle Package to streamline processes in dispensing emails to the necessary individuals, verifying accuracy on claims in the RED STATUS were prioritized and attended ASAP.
  • Instrumental in writing the functional documents for the Batch, Escalation rules, and Security aspects of the Claims Workflow Process.

Xyz  International Corporation, Orlando, FL
Lead Software Engineer | Aug 2016–Apr 2018
Environment: Oracle 10g, TOAD 9.7.3, Cognos 7.3, Windows XP, PL/SQL, Informatica 7.1, UNIX

Governed end-to-end project management, from project planning to project rollout of DBA tasks. Teamed up with Application Development, UNIX, as well as DBA management and staff on full life-cycle development of in-house projects. Assumed change assignee role to streamline the process from path to production (P2P). Managed and coordinated jobs as per customer request using Tidal. Administered the SAIC Singular Point of Install methodology through Oracle external tables. Employed Serena to store and manage software during the development stage of the process.


  • Pioneered Invoice Retro Billing System used in updating existing invoices in Deltek tables with changed invoice data.
  • Led the process for establishing code manual for the entire ITS department.
  • Took an integral part in requirements gathering, data analysis, and database modeling; coordinated with IT partners in the design and execution of database solutions and tools.
  • Codified functional specification documents for Retro Bill, Customer Alias, Sales Tax and other high visibility processes.
  • Cultivated positive relationship with key stakeholders involving internal clients and other IT application teams.
  • Successfully wrote a technical documentation for the Retro Bill invoice process by extensively interfacing with all customers.
  • Reengineered the Customer Alias package to add zeroes or not to add zeroes base on specified conditions.
  • Revised Timesheet Sign package to account for customers’ requests to change timesheets.

Avaya Incorporated, City, State
Technical Project Lead | Aug 2015–Mar 2016
Environment: Oracle 9i, Cognos 7.3, Windows XP, PL/SQL, Informatica 7.1, UNIX

Oversaw all the Oracle PL/SQL programmers to ensure that business needs were met. Developed weekly status report to upper management for all managed individuals in the group. Spearheaded other associates with the selection and implementation of approaches in order to accomplish business solutions programmatically using PL/SQL. Composed PL/SQL codes standard documentation for the department. Originated PL/SQL packages and procedure skeletons to provide other programmers tools in different projects. Monitored the procurement for new software, and upgraded existing software programs.


  • Led the development and implementation of CR048 payroll worldwide business solution to compensate internal and external sales representative based on sales-oriented activities that transpired for a particular month.
  • Written functional specification documents for numerous aspects of the CR048 payroll process.
  • Facilitated project-related activities relating to requirement evaluation and analysis through the AIM methodology.
  • Generated an order system that loaded XML in Oracle custom tables and implemented all facets of business functions.
  • Oversaw the entire Oracle Database Department from modification of the change management process to proper coding standards.

Tuv Company, Greensboro, NC
Oracle Application Developer | Sep 2013–Aug 2015
Environment: Oracle 10g, Oracle Applications 11i (Modules (PO, INV, OM, AP.AR, GL)) Forms 6i, Reports 6i, PL/SQL, Windows XP, UNIX.

Supported the generation of Direct Shipment custom PL/SQL order process, and developed an Internal Requisition custom PL/SQL process. Oversaw the maintenance of all PL/SQL custom processes. Worked closely with users to develop new software and enhance existing ones. Mentored users on proper utilization of any new processes. Organized different jobs using Concurrent Manager.


  • Initiated and executed a PL/SQL conversion boat invoice process that imported header and detail data for orders transported from China.
  • Developed order process that validated different data after which multiple Oracle reports will be initialized from within the procedure to enable the distribution of PDF and Excel format to the factories.
  • Created label files for different inventory organizations through the development of PL/SQL procedure.
  • Employed the CLOB in loading huge shipping instructions into custom table that direct shipment process utilized to associate with corresponding orders.
  • Built PL/SQL procedure to flag new items and related UPC code and other data.

Pqr Company, Bronx, NY
Oracle Application Programmer | Apr 2012–Mar 2013
Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 10 (Manufacturing (PO, INV, OE, Bills of Materials (BOM), WIP), Financials (AP, AR, GL, Cash Management), Forms 6i, Reports 6i, PL/SQL, TOAD, Windows 2000, UNIX.

Authored PL/SQL package for the General Ledger Conversion which loaded 36 months of monthly balances into Oracle General Ledger (flat files, generated from data in BPCS).  Developed Accounts Receivables PL/SQL Conversion code for Kronos.  Facilitated the conversion of sales representatives’ data into the necessary CRM base tables.  Assisted in writing functional and technical specifications for INSTALBASE, service contract, general ledger, and accounts receivables conversions. Handled users’ requests and wrote SQL scripts and functions to validate data throughout various conversion steps.


  • Conveyed ideas and knowledge with various business analysts and other pertinent individuals during regular meetings to ensure smooth flow of business processes, in coordination with functionalities that Oracle Application possesses.
  • Significantly contributed in formulating functional requirements documents for AR, GL and OM conversions processes.
  • Designed package and a view that served as the basis for all Collection Aging reports.
  • Redeveloped the Oracle Standard Adjustment Cycle Count Report to suit the custom need at Kronos Incorporated.
  • Wrote UNIX Shell script to load data into the custom temporary table and run the current program for loading data from different legacy systems.
  • Utilized Oracle report to develop a Cross Charge Expense report to reposition funds to proper cost centers.

Cde Company| Jan 2009–Dec 2011
Environment: Oracle 8i, Oracle Applications 10 (Manufacturing (PO, INV, OE, Bills of Materials (BOM), WIP), Financials (AP, AR, GL, Cash Management), Forms 6i, Reports 6i, PL/SQL, TOAD, Windows 2000, UNIX.

Gathered and compiled specifications for Financial (AR, AP, GL) and Manufacturing system modules (OE, PO, INV). Handled the creation and editing of complex PO Reports (6i) and Forms (6i) based on client requirements in INV module. Developed critical application functionality testing programs. Established effective communications with client personnel. Created Forms 6i and Reports 6i utilizing Forms Builder and Reports Builder. Produced customized Standard Consolidated WIP, BOM, and PO Reports, which included extensive PL/SQL code (procedures and functions). Conducted and determined new customizations, interfaces, and reports.


  • Significantly contributed in formulating functional requirements for importing BOM and technical design documentation.
  • Took part in the execution of Oracle Distribution Suite modules, including order entry, inventory, purchasing, and shared bills of material.
  • Aided in conducting customer conversions by loading the data from the flat file, directly to the Oracle standard interface tables (Inventory Tables) .

Earlier Career

Fgh Company, New York, NY
Senior Data Analyst | Jun 2008–Dec 2009

Ijk Company, New York, NY
Compliance Associate | Jun 2005–Jun 2008

Technical Summary

  • Databases Oracle 7X, 8, 9i,10g
  • Database Tools SQL*Plus, SQL*Net, Microsoft Query
  • Development Skills Oracle Developer 2000, Form Builder v5.0, Forms v4.5, v6.0, Report Builder v6 (Reports 3.0 & 6i,9i)
  • Applications Rel 11i Oracle 11i Applications in Manufacturing (PO, INV, OM), Financials (AP, AR, GL, CRM, Workflow), Functional and Technical Specifications (Process Flow Diagrams, Oracle BOM/Engineering, Flow Manufacturing, Purchasing, Quality, Order Management and Shipping Modules)          
  • Languages C, COBOL, PL/SQL, HTML
  • Hardware HP 9000, EMC, Pentium and IBM PC-AT, Dec Alpha
  • Operating Systems Windows NT, Windows 98,UNIX
  • Network Products TCP/IP
  • Other Exceed, Access, Microsoft Project, Tidal