Know What Career Path You Should Pursue

Career PathFinding a shoe that “fits.” You have been out for a job hunt, again. Has it ever crossed your mind that this job hunting spree is your “third” (or probably fourth) job search this year? If you’ve been hunting for employment far more often than your colleagues, maybe it’s time to do some self-evaluation and see if your personal goal is align with your personal capacities. This way, the career path that you will take will become clearer to you.

Career Path: Mere Chance or Personal Choice?

There are various reasons and ways on how an individual lands on a job. The job may be a result of a choice or a mere chance of grabbing what is available. One way or the other, a job seeker will always end up with one.

More often, an individual on a job hunt has a tendency to grab the first job offer that is offered to him. This should not be the case. The possibility of getting a career suitable to you is higher if the career that you pursued is the one you choose.

How fit is ‘FIT’?

Now, aside from considering whether the position is obtained via choice or chance, it’s also necessary to consider the appropriateness of the position to the person.

Talent and Abilities

Initially, the individual must be able to identify what he’s good at and what particular task he enjoy doing. Knowing the activities that you hate and love will help in identifying the position that will work out for you. Do remember that talent is different from a learned skill. Talent comes naturally; thus, little or no effort is required to happily perform some tasks.


Aside from knowing what your innate talent, another thing to consider is the purpose or objective of taking a job. Are you looking for a job to hone your skills or just to have means to pay your monthly bills? These factors also affect one’s decision in finding a job.

Take into consideration a newly graduate student from a university. If his parents were out of job, more likely he’ll take the first job offered to him. Why is this so? It can be taken that since there is no stable source of income, the graduate will find an immediate means to cover their daily expenditures; thus, grabbing the first offer thrown at his lap. On the other hand, a person who has a stable source of income, say a middle-age professional who has a day job and owns a business enterprise will likely wait for a position that he likes. This is due to the fact that even if he loses his day job, he still has a business to fall on.


In setting your career path, it is crucial that you choose a position where you don’t need to suppress your personality. Take a certain office set-up as an example. If an outgoing person works for a company that limits employee socialization with one another, it is possible that the individual will feel restrained at work. Such atmosphere will prevent the individual from showing his full potential and will most likely end up frustrated and depressed.

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