Laying Bare the Misconceptions of Job Searching

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The Misconceptions of Job SearchingMisconceptions on job searching are spreading around to confuse and discourage you from getting the job you want. This article is a brief discussion about some of these:

  • They say: first offer is the best

When times become tough due to worsening economy, you are tempted to accept the first offer that comes along, especially after spending weeks of waiting in agony, which gave you nothing but negative results.

Before making a decision, answer the following question: are you really sure that the job and its compensation is the right move?

If your answer is no, or unless you are about to suffer emotional or financial setbacks, it cannot hurt you to wait some more, hopefully for a better offer.

  • They say: job searching is hard when you’re “too old”

The important issue in is your skills, educational background, and experience. Some employers include factors like proper attitude or being a team player.

Even if many industries prefer younger candidates, job hunting should not be turned into a competition between the young and old. You should not allow it to happen, at least.

  • They say: you don’t need to sell yourself

Even if you are not applying in the field of sales and marketing, job searching is all about selling and marketing yourself.

Understanding and applying such skills make a candidate attain success, and whether you like it or not, you need to do this so you can strike a deal with a prospective employer.

  • They say: interviews are within traditional business hours

Though majority of interviews occur during business hours, typically between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., employers are willing to take some extra time.

They can even set schedules during “off-hours” when there are less interruptions, just to accommodate potential candidates for the position.

  • They say: career change is impractical

This depends on the individual, and is mainly subjective. What many candidates do not realize is the fact that people will change careers many times in their lifetimes due to factors they alone understand, some of which they are not in control of.

How will you do it? Prepare yourself before making the major switch by acquiring more training and experience. Though it is not easy, you can be able to change your career if you develop a feasible plan and execute it.