Managing Your Personal Brand and How to Be Known by People

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There are over 1 billion names punched in the search bar of Google each day. A billion. And still, we don’t even know how many are inquiring through other social media platforms, and how many are asking through phone and word of mouth.

So how many of those askers are employers?

You may worry about how you will answer interview questions, or just whether your resume passed the screening or not. But the bigger problem is, if you aren’t managing your personal brand, you might be missing the point about the modern job market.

Moreover, if you want to start building your personal trademark, follow these tips:

            1.   Optimize your name

One rule in online presence: if you don’t exist in the first page of Google, you simply don’t exist at all. Just like you, everybody else is going straight to the giant search engine to find out more about a person. So there’s a pretty good chance that even your professional connections are searching you online, too.

            2.   Avoid nasty posts on social media

Facebook and Twitter may be a medium for personal expression.  However, remember that they are also public platforms. Whatever you put in the web, personal or not, will take its toll on you. So click smarter. Setting your booze party pictures in private will probably save your chance to a potential employer. Act maturely on online platforms, the fact is that you cannot always share anything you would like to. Deal in virtual people like you’re dealing with them in person.

            3.   Have a personal mantra

If you aren’t sure what to project as your personal brand, you can start by thinking what positive comment do you often hear from others. Is it your diligence and commitment? Is it your creativity? Or is it your ability to simplify complex matters? Whatever it is, build your reputation on that foundation. But don’t broadcast. Let it naturally be implied about you. Managing your personal brand requires something deeper than plain marketing yourself; it is what you believe you are. For example, “John Smith is a dependable and respected man of his own.”

            4.   One size does not fit all

Everybody has his own preference. What looks noble to your brother may look foolhardy to your mother, and probably, another thing to your boss. What will appear of you is always relative depending on the person who’s seeing you. So what to do: craft a way of expressing yourself with due respects to the person. If you want to befriend everybody, you can’t do that. But if you just want to be accepted by a person, that’s very possible. Do it one at a time and be cautious on not outraging your difference with the other person.

            5.   Join Groups

Organizations and interest groups are a very good way to meet people like you. What more, they are also a good way to promote yourself. Having people to talk about you positively is one thing; having people who have positive opinions about you is another. By joining groups, you are not only promoting a common interest, you are also promoting your reputation.

Managing your personal brand is a pain in the neck? You bet. But once you finally made it, doors of professional opportunities will be opened for you.