The Most Basic Requirements for Any Job Interview

Job Interview

Oftentimes applicants are too focused on the complicated aspects of the job hunt process they forget about the basics. But you must keep in mind that you won’t get to the hard part if you don’t pass the easy ones.

To help cover your bases, we created a list of the most basic things you have to have—and do—when attending a job interview.


  • Directions. Unless you want to arrive late and wasted, make sure you know where you’re going and that you have time to spare.
  • Pen and Paper. It’s too often that we see applicants rooting in their bags for a pen only to come up empty. You must always have a black-inked pen ready in case you are asked to fill something out.
  • Identification. Some office buildings are stricter than others so to be safe, always have something to prove your identity with you.
  • Name, Title, and Phone Number of Contact Person. You don’t want to seem clueless when the receptionist asks you who you’re looking for, do you? Write these details on a piece of paper or your cellphone.
  • Several Copies of Resume, Cover Letter, and Credentials. You’ll never know when you need to provide extra copies of these things, and you won’t want to cause a delay in the hiring process because you have none with you.
  • Samples of Related Work. If you’re a graphic designer, writer, photographer, etc., you must have a portfolio you can show interviewers so they can verify your skills.
  • Job Description Copy. This will serve as a reference you met the qualifications they have stated in their job ad.
  • References. This is crucial as it can quell all doubts the hiring manager has of you.
    Grooming Tools. Have a breath mint, comb, sanitizer, hand cream, etc. with you to ensure that you’d look presentable at all times.


  • Research. Learn about the company and the people behind it so you won’t be clueless when asked.
  • Think of Questions to Ask the Interviewer. A curious person is an interested person. Show them you’re invested by asking valuable questions.
  • Dress to Impress. Follow this guide to know what to wear.
  • Be Punctual. You must be logged and seated at least 30 minutes before the interview so you’d have enough time to calm and collect yourself.
  • Have Presence of Mind. Don’t panic and keep your head in the game. Losing your train of thought during the interview will make the process strained and fruitless.
  • Know What is in Your Resume. When an interviewer asks you to verify something on your resume, you should be able to answer with ease without looking at your own copy. Because if you do otherwise they will doubt your credibility.
  • Be Aware of Your Value. You must go to the interview with a clear understanding of how you can benefit the company.

Interviews are terrifying; but you must prepare yourself for every possibility. Strengthen your foundation to have a fruitful professional journey.

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Source: Lifehack, Pongo, LLC.

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