Office Pet Peeves and How to Ditch the Offender-Next-Cubicle

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Every working place has them – those uncouth habits that grate your cheese. And probably, even you might be guilty for having such office pet peeves. Do you know how to endure or get rid of them for the sake of your career?

          1.   The Noisy Bulls

Be it a single soul or a pack of junkies, you can identify noisy bulls in the office by- well, the noise they make. The bulls will often get you annoyed by constant boisterous laughs, whistles, singing out loud, banging of desks, grumbling steps and sometimes, domineering personalities. With loud distractions that make it hard for you to focus on the nearing deadline, you feel like screaming “silence!” at the top of your lungs. But hey, isn’t that what you just hated? Better stir clear off the path of these bulls, or experience being nagged for eternity. Whoever knows how to ask them to turn down the volume without being labeled as a scrooge, pray tell.

          2.   The Gossipers

Enough said. Of course, with the mundane environment of a corporate room, who doesn’t want some entertainment? You’re not being paranoid when you’re hearing them hush, look, and giggle maliciously when you pass by their cubicles. Just prepare yourself for the next day because you’ll be hearing elegantly tailored rumors that you are completely clueless about. It may be tempting to throw fits, but don’t be silly to feed on their pleasure of sucking you. In case you don’t know, the only way to stop these gossipers is to let them continue sticking their nose on another’s business until they themselves get ruined by each other’s muddy biz.

          3.   The Dirty Dude

Some girls won’t stand an office colleague with this pet peeve. The dirty dude’s hobby involves nagging everybody with filthy green jokes and displaying pictures of half-naked women in his cubicle. Though everybody knows he has no intention of violating anybody, this bud will do anything short of sexual harassment to keep his macho identity. What to do: follow your instincts, keep away from the tomcat.

          4.   Fart of that World

How you feel the passion of every bodily excretion coming out from this brute. Every minute, you hear him fart, sneeze, spit his phlegm, sniff, slurp his coffee… ah name it! And what makes matters worse is that you have the guts to hear the folk’s body ‘music,’ yet you can’t find the words to say you’re disgusted. In some brief moments, you’re secretly thankful that you’re not the unlucky folk to be sitting right next to him. The solution is simple: go plug in your earphones and never let a sickening fart move an eardrum.

          5.   The Intruder

Some eavesdrop when you got a phone call, some peaks on your cubicle to see what you’re doing, and some steal pens and staple wires from your desk. In all cases, you are being bugged by an intruder. Having the omnipresent eye of the office that can even beat the security camera, this officemate of yours has the creepiest office pet peeve of all. He knows where your paperclips are located, he can tell you where your missing record book is and hey, he has your clients’ numbers. At times, you feel that there’s something real fishy going on with this dude. Don’t bother thinking, just put an eye on your cubicle and go tell the boss.