How to Use LinkedIn’s Open Candidates for Stealth in Job Search

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Job search, while still working, can be challenging. You want recruiters to see you’re ready for new job opportunities. In contrast, you must make sure your current employer won’t learn you’ll resign. Does this seem impossible? Now, you can do both with LinkedIn’s new feature, Open Candidates.

What is Open Candidates

LinkedIn is a great tool to use in finding a job. Then again, it’s not the right place to alert recruiters and hiring managers you’re trying to find a new job in secret. Thus, LinkedIn wants to change that, and they unveiled a new feature called Open Candidates. Further, this tool lets you show you’re open to new job opportunities and share a few things that would convince possible employers.

With the fame and advancements in social media, posting online that you’re looking for a new gig sounds a bad idea because your boss may learn about it. LinkedIn says this won’t be a problem anymore. When you use Open Candidates, recruiters that work in other companies and pay LinkedIn’s annual fee for premium recruiter service will be the only ones to view your info. Likewise, the platform will do its best to block the information coming from recruiters in your present company.

How to Use Open Candidates
  1. Access the new feature from the “Preferences” tab on the LinkedIn Jobs home page.
  2. Turn the sharing button “On” to enable the feature.
  3. Add what “Job Titles” you want.
  4. Choose a “Job Type”.
  5. Pick the month and year when you can start.
  6. Give a short introduction on yourself or add details you think recruiters should know about you.
  7. Put your preferred working location(s), your experience level, desired industries, and target company size.
  8. Turn the last sharing button “On” to allow job posters to see your full profile when you click “Apply”.

This new feature is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia on desktop and mobile devices for now and soon worldwide.

Disclaimer from LinkedIn
“We take steps to not show your current company that you’re open, but can’t guarantee that we can identify every recruiter affiliated with your company.”

Tips to Help You Keep Your Job Search Discreet

Dan Shapero, Career Products Leader for LinkedIn, said the first thing recruiters view is your profile, so make sure it stands out. Thus, if you’ll use this feature, you must have a quality head-shot photo, details of your current position, relevant skills, location, and summary of goals and work experience.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid careless mistakes that will get you fired.
    Using your current company’s resources for your job search is the same as signing your own death sentence. Further, avoid careless moves, such as leaving your resume on the copier, but better yet, do your job-hunting at home.
  • Secure your present job.
    Keep your parting plans a secret and don’t let your actions show you’re losing interest in your job. Likewise, everything should be the same as before until you give your resignation letter.
  • Consider a resume upgrade.
    Before starting your job search, it’s wise to give your resume a grand makeover. In addition, invest in a well-written tool or learn how to write one that sends a defined sales message focused on your target job.

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