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Dedicated and results-focused professional, offering in-depth expertise in leadership, administration, strategic planning, and emergency management, combined with experience in providing service quality and delivering excellent performance across law enforcement. Powered with comprehensive background in investigation, personnel law, risk management, community service, and all aspects of public safety management. Knowledgeable of various disciplines and all aspects of security, law enforcement operations and administration along with physical and informational security. Analytical thinker with extensive problem-solving skills in identifying and developing appropriate solutions to improve efficiency, develop operational performance, eliminate risks, and identify and close safety and security gaps. Successful in establishing productive relationships with all levels of individuals from diverse backgrounds, rendering exemplary client services, as well as leading and motivating cross-functional teams simultaneously. Exceptional communicator with notable success in management of operations to enhance security and response capabilities, strengthen productivity, and improve overall quality of life across the community. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint); currently holds Top Secret Security Clearance.


Operations and Administration
Tactical Field Operations
Emergency Planning and Response
Leadership and Team Building
Conflict Resolution
Public Relations
Professional Development
Investigative Strategies
Policy Implementation
Training and Supervision
Regulatory Compliance


Law Enforcement Professional, 2018-PRESENT

Employ enhanced expertise in methodology as well as ability to understand, determine, target, penetrate, interdict, and overpower criminals, such as international insurgent network enterprises and special group criminals. Act as an advisor, trainer, and mentor to the Coalition Forces and Host Nation Forces, strengthening members’ understanding and abilities in evidence gathering, biometric collection, site exploitation, targeting, source development, and other law enforcement techniques. Provide advice to military leadership regarding the critical role of forensic science in the prosecution/judicial process. Ensure coordination of military and brigade-level leadership with law enforcement professionals in the field. Develop and maintain an attitude of willingness to assist whatever, wherever, and whenever needed. Conduct investigation on the IED strikes against U.S. / Afghanistan Forces. Render assistance in base activities when teams are leaving for various missions.

  • Liaised between brigade leadership and teammates across the RC East area of Afghanistan; deployed in the brigade level.
  • Facilitated training for both military personnel and Afghan personnel on evidence collection, case development, and other that is related to law enforcement.
  • Coordinated and conveyed policy for both Army and MPRI; evaluated and submitted reports from team members to management
  • Contributed in bridging the gap on the ground for the troops on a daily basis.

Investigative Specialist, 2017-2018

Thoroughly executed sensitive operations and investigations. Administered investigations of subjects that were considered to be of a national security risk based on various reasons.

Police Sergeant | Supervisor, Special Assignment Team (District III), 2013-2017

Carried out saturation patrols, narcotic-related jump-outs, and violent crime investigations, to include homicide, robbery, carjacking and assaults. Conducted proactive surveillance assignments and investigations on serious crimes, which led to the arrest and conviction of perpetrator, recovery of stolen property and elimination of offender from society to prevent additional offenses and establish a substantial deterrent or preventive effect. Ensured safety operation within the scope of existing departmental orders, policies, legal decisions, opinions, and statutes. Promoted cooperation among all departmental units to secure uninterrupted forwarding of information of an investigative nature. Directed the investigation of criminal cases, which included interviewing of victims and witnesses, interrogation of suspects and retrieval of stolen belongings.

  • Accurately assessed the performance of subordinates through explanation of duties; subsequent observation of productivity; periodic interviews; as well as written documentation, evaluation, and direction for improvement.
  • Accomplished investigation on the allegations of subordinate’s misconduct, submitting findings of facts and recommending disciplinary action when warranted.
  • Directly reported to superiors concerning personnel matters, criminal activity, accomplishment of assignments, problems of supervision, the overall condition and efforts taken within the area of responsibility; offered specific recommendations for improvement as a leader and supervisor.
  • Partnered with citizens to organize a coalition that focused on determining quick resolutions to immediate community problems.

Police Corporal, Executive Protection Unit, 2010-2013

Served as a lead official of the county government, providing protection for the Prince George’s County Executive. Ensured the security of VIPs/dignitaries by monitoring and maintaining lookout on assigned areas and investigated threats made against the county executive.

  • Earned promotion to the rank of Sergeant in January 2013.
  • Rendered utmost support to other specialized departmental bureaus as necessary or upon request.
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance for the executive’s vehicles as well as other equipment, and produced necessary reports.
  • Periodically checked alarm systems and maintained updated knowledge on first aid/trauma interventions to ensure readiness.
  • Administered event advances to identify and arrange for safe arrival and departure of the county executive and staff.

Police Corporal, Emergency Service Team (EST), 2003-2010

Forged participation in the execution of more than 130 hostage/barricade situations and 670-drug raids/high-risk search and seizure warrants for departmental, as well as other units and agencies. Persistently maintained assigned equipment and ensured that weapons and vehicle were clean and in good working condition for immediate inspection.

  • Served as assistant team leader, team leader on various tactical operations, assistant instructor, and lead instructor of basic SWAT schools.
  • Displayed strong organizational leadership and active participation in the training of new team members.


Police Corporal, Tactical Section, Special Operations Division (SOD) | 2003-2004
Police Corporal, Patrol District, Oxon Hill Action Team | 2000-2003
Police Corporal, Narcotic Enforcement Division | 2000
Police Officer First Class, Narcotic Enforcement Division | 1999-2000
Police Officer, Patrol District VI, Squad 55 | 1997-1999


2010: United States Army Joint Readiness Pre-Deployment Training | Instructor Certifications in Protection Details (3 Weeks)
2009: Train-the-Trainer WPPS Instructor Course, Triple Canopy, Inc. | Adult Learning Theory Course, Triple Canopy, Inc.| FBI Investigators Course (8 Weeks)
2010: Basic Rope Rescue Course | Advanced Hostage Rescue Course | Active Shooter Course, North Carolina Highway Patrol
2009: Advanced Counterterrorism Training
2008: Clandestine Laboratory Investigations | Helicopter Rappel Master, United States Park Police Department
2007: Train-the-Trainer Course, Maryland Police Training Commissions | Firearms Instructor Course, Maryland Police Training Commission
2006: Emergency Medical Technician School | Heckler and Koch Basic Operations, United States Capitol Police | Chemical Agent Tactical Instructor Course
2004: Counter Sniper, Baltimore County Police Department | Basic Training Course, Emergency Services Team | Basic Helicopter Rappel Course, United States Park Police
2003: Colt 9mm Carbine School | Tactical Unit Introduction School | Civil Disturbance Unit School
2000: Drug Interdiction Course | Drug Conspiracy Seminar
1999: Basic Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Course, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) School


Chief Awards (2)
Officer of the Month
Unit Citations (2 SWAT & Narcotics)
Letters of Accommodations (12-15)
Army Good Conduct Medal
Army Presidential Service Badge
FBI Leadership Award