Preparing for a Job Interview Mentally

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Job InterviewWe often hear the phrase: “mind over matter”. But the question is: how do we apply it in job seeking?

There are times when job seekers like you experience the same high pressure and stress that employed people have.

There are days and instances when they experience time constraints to prepare for anything, triggering feelings of anxiety. They also tend to panic as they forget important facts and figures.

Need to visualize

The mind has great potential that can be used in any aspect of job searching. It processes visions and images of our own desires. If your current objective is to secure a job, you can certainly use your mind’s visualization to prepare for job interviews.

Basically, visualization helps to reduce anxiety and heightens one’s concentration to achieve a desired outcome. This is somewhat similar to the power of suggestion and positive thinking, and there are research studies that actually prove and support this fact.

When visualizing, you need to see how the actual job interview will unfold, much like a movie. To be effective, it should be in detail and with colors. If you plan to do this right before the scheduled job interview, be sure to be conscious of the time so you will not be late on your appointment.

Step-by-step tips

Below are step-by-step tips to a successful visualizing, which you can practice on a daily basis:

  • Find a quiet and relaxing spot where you will not be disturbed for at least 10 to 15 minutes. It can be a place that is either indoor or outdoor.
  • Sit or lie down in your most comfortable position, and allow your mind to focus by slowly taking a few deep breaths.
  • Picture yourself sitting in a room before your interview, waiting for your turn to be called. Notice your environment such as the walls, furniture, and the sounds that you normally hear.
  • Take notice of yourself, particularly your own body position and what you are wearing that boosts your comfort and self-confidence.
  • Picture in your mind’s eye the interviewer entering the room and approaching you. Visualize what you will most likely do at this point, such as smiling, and extending your hand. Visualize yourself and the interviewer walking into the interviewing room.
  • Anticipate the questions that are more likely will be asked throughout the interview session, and visualize yourself answering these smartly and with confidence.
  • While suppressing past worries as well as negative judgments and criticisms, engage yourself in self-talk with positive thoughts like you are self-motivated and an effective communicator.