Pros and Cons of Using Online Resume Samples

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Pros and Cons of Using Online Resume Samples

Take it literally or figuratively, there are two sides to every story. A person has to know both sides of the “story” before coming up with a conclusion and making a crucial judgment.

Job hunting is no different thing. Most aspirants find their quest challenging as they vow to do all the possible things to endure the challenges. Part of the job search is resume writing, which has always been regarded as a tedious activity. Many find it a difficult task.

Thus, they tend to desperately get help from whichever source. Internet is one of the best sources of information in recent times. In fact, it offers resume samples and templates that are readily available and accessible to everyone.

As a jobseeker, are you going to take advantage of these online resources to craft an exceptional application tool?

Making use of resume samples can help you but can also ruin your quest. Remember the pros and cons. Beware. It’s time for you to weigh in on these matters.

The Positive Side: Advantages

What can a displayed resume sample, on a particular web site, favorably do to you?

  • It saves you precious time. The fact that you can always go online and search for a copy anytime allows you to save time, a lot of time compared to asking for a friend’s help, visiting a library, or reading books. All you have to do is look for a web site, click and download the work sample. While there are sites that prohibit copying of content, you can still consider them as reference.
  • It keeps you updated. One good thing about going online is you become familiar with recent trends in almost everything, including resume writing.
  • It educates you. Through an online resume sample, you’ll get to know the modern sections of the application document, the appropriate format to use, and the ways in which you can create an eye-catching layout. Furthermore, it helps you go deeper with the specifics of the position you’re applying for, enabling you to be familiar with the details that are specific to your industry.

The Negative Side: Disadvantages

Internet doesn’t always bring the best of the world in you. Needless to say, the presence of scams, rip-offs, fake reviews, irrelevant articles, and other undesirable things is rampant all over the Web. With all these drawbacks, netizens are encouraged to always be practical and careful and to practice vigilance.

Well, maybe it’s all about awareness, personal choice, and justification.

At any rate, here are the dangers of using online resume samples:

  • They may contain details that are irrelevant to your field. When you aren’t able to spot these beforehand and you’ve copied them, then, you’re ruining your application.
  • Most of them contain fictitious details. Use them as mere guide. Don’t copy-and-paste or, else, be ready to seat next to another aspirant whose resume is the same as yours.
  •  Some may be plagiarized.
  • They can be spam and the site owner can be a scammer. Do not give personal details and accounts.


While there’s nothing wrong with seeking help from others, you must ensure that you’re always on the right track. With millions of web sites, it’s really difficult to distinguish which are real and which are not. Don’t be fooled so easily. Get advice from friends. Seek help from professional career consultants.

Be confident. You can get that dream job!