Online Resume Sample: Its Pros and Cons

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With the easy access and use of internet, admit it or not, we’re all guilty of looking for anything under the sun, including professional resume samples. Who doesn’t? According to the recent report published by DataReportal, approximately 4.66 billion people around the world use the internet at the start of 2021, which is close to 60% of the world’s total population. You who are currently reading this—along with first-time job seekers, returning to workforce, career shifters, and even established professionals—spend their time searching for the best resume sample online to keep them updated with resume trends or to have an idea what an effective resume looks like. Some are seeking for a free resume builder to write their own application tool.

However, with thousands of samples out there found on the internet, which one would you believe? Which one is really effective and attention-grabbing? Which resume sample will get you hired? While it is true that the internet is one of the best sources of necessary data, including resume samples and templates that are readily available and accessible to everyone, it could also give you false and outdated information. Sure, a resume sample you get online can really help you create your own resume. But hold on, it can also ruin your job search.

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Positive and Negative Sides of Online Resume Sample

To help you decide if you’re going to write your own resume based on the samples online, we’ve listed the pros and cons. It’s time for you to weigh in on these matters. Read on.

What can a displayed resume sample, on a particular website, favorably do to you?

Looking for resume samples online saves you precious time.

The fact that you can always go online and search for a copy allows you to save time—a lot of time compared to asking for a friend’s help, visiting a library, or reading books. With the use of your computer or mobile device, you can easily see a resume sample. While there are sites that prohibit copying the content, you can still consider them as reference.

Browsing the internet keeps you updated.

One good thing about going online is you become familiar with recent trends in almost everything, including resume writing.

Reading related articles and blogs educates you.

Through an online resume sample, you’ll get to know the modern sections of the application document, the appropriate resume format to use, and the tips on how to create an eye-catching layout. Furthermore, it helps you go deeper with the specifics of the position you’re applying for, enabling you to be familiar with the details that are relevant to your field.

Internet doesn’t always bring the best of the world for you. Needless to say, the presence of scams, rip-offs, fake reviews, click-bait articles, and other undesirable things is rampant all over the web. With these drawbacks, people need to practice extra care and vigilance. Well, maybe it’s all about awareness, personal choice, and justification.

At any rate, here are the dangers of using online resume samples:

Other resume samples may not be ATS-friendly.

Aside from the eyes of hiring managers, you also need to consider if the copy complies with applicant tracking system (ATS) standard. Nowadays, employers use ATS to easily select and screen qualified applicants.

They may contain details that are irrelevant to your field.

Most of them contain fictitious details. When you aren’t able to spot these beforehand and you’ve copied them, then you’re ruining your application.

Some copies may be plagiarized.

Use them as a mere guide. Don’t simply copy and paste, or else be ready to sit next to another candidate whose resume is the same as yours. Likewise, your resume might contain the skills you really don’t have.

Websites can be spam and the site owner can be a scammer.

You can be a victim of online fraud if you’re not keen enough to check the website’s reputation. Be mindful when browsing online. Thus, to protect yourself from online scams, don’t give your personal details and accounts.

Effective Resume Samples

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from others. However, you must ensure that you’re always on the right track. With millions of websites, it’s really difficult to distinguish which is helpful, legit, and trustworthy. Don’t be fooled so easily. Hence, to give you an idea what an effective resume looks like, we’ve compiled a few resume samples that you can use as basis in writing your own.

Sales Manager Resume

Resume sample for sales manager

Mental Health Counselor Resume

Resume sample for mental health counselor

Healthcare Administrator Resume

Resume sample for healthcare administrator

Customer Service Representative Resume

Resume sample for customer service representative

Project Coordinator Resume

Resume sample for project coordinator

Looking for more resume samples? We’ve got your back! We have lots of resume samples that you can use as your basis in creating your own. You can also choose your desired template designed by our experts. Still not confident? Let our resume writers build your job application tool and snag your dream job!

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