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Qualifications Summary

Exceptionally organized, focused, and results-oriented professional, with profound expertise honed throughout hands-on leadership experience in managing fluoroscopy regulations and radiation safety, fluoroscopy equipment, x-ray image intensifiers, image recording equipment, and diagnostic imaging services. Enthusiastic to apply experience in designing, conducting, and managing medical laboratory and studies; conducting research and evaluation of health service methodology; and facilitating health education and promotions, community building, and public relations. Proficient in applicable rules and regulations pertaining to all state specific and OSHA requirements regarding radiological procedures; knowledgeable in documenting and implementing maintenance inspections and procedures.

  • Commended for excellent analytical, communication organizational, and customer service skills.
  • In-depth expertise in leading-edge technologies, strategic planning, and patient care management.
  • Demonstrated exceptional leadership, negotiation, organization, and planning abilities; ensure the highest quality of care based upon established evidence-based practices.
  • Exceptional leadership, intellectual curiosity, and attitude of social consciousness; able to deal well with peers, patients, physicians, and other healthcare professionals while keeping the needs of patients foremost in mind.
  • Self-motivated to work independently and unsupervised; equally effective as a team member; highly capable of motivating others.
  • Proven aptitude to identify and solve problems using available resources; flexible to changing priorities.

Career Overview

  • Served as radiologic technologist, processing x-ray films of patients in a hospital along with overseeing reports and maintaining equipment.
  • Operated radiologic equipment to produce radiographs (x-rays) of body for diagnostic purposes as directed by the radiologist.
  • Performed fluoroscopy examination, such as BE’s, IVP’s, UGI’s, and Lumbar Punctures.
  • Maintained composure in critical situations and thrive at providing professional and high-quality patient care in a high-stress, rapidly changing environment while always addressing patients’ needs, personal concerns, and safety.
  • Promptly provided care for patient and with expert judgment in emergency situation; ensured quality of care meets/exceeds established standards.
  • Worked under the supervision of radiologists and medical doctors specializing in interpreting radiographs.
  • Generated and produced patient’s radiographs to diagnose and treat illness and possible injury.
  • Provided patient assistance while conducting tests on the examining table and adjusted immobilization devices to obtain optimum views of specified area of the body as requested by the physician.
  • Educated patients on the procedures to minimize anxieties and obtain patient cooperation.
  • Set up x-ray equipment in a specified position and regulated equipment controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance in accordance with radiographic exposure techniques and protocols.
  • Rendered radiation protection techniques through beam restrictive devices, patient shielding skills, and knowledge of applicable exposure factors to minimize radiation to patient and staff.
  • Managed mobile x-ray equipment in the operating room, emergency room, and/or patient’s bedside.
  • Displayed proficiency in all diagnostic and fluoroscopic imaging examinations.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Fuji 5000 and Kodak systems, Siemens and OEC portable C-Arms, portable X-ray machines, picture archiving and communication system (PACS), Magic Web, Cerner, and PowerChart systems.

Work History

Professional Videographer | Nov 2017-Present | Aug 2018
Company ABC, Truckee, CA

Professional Videographer
Company BCD, Los Angeles, CA

Professional Videographer | Jan 2015-Aug 2018
Company CDE, Las Vegas, NV

Registered Radiologic Technologist | Feb 2015-Aug 2017
Company DEF, Reno, NV

Registered Radiologic Technologist | Dec 2008-Dec 2014
EFG Medical Center, Reno, NV

Registered Radiologic Technologist | May 2008-Nov 2008
FGH Hospital, Melrose Park, IL

Customer Service Representative | Jun 2005-Jan 2008
Company GHI, Arlington Heights, IL


Associate of Applied Science in Radiologic Technology (Accredited ARRT Program) | 2008
HIJ College, River Grove, IL

Relevant Coursework

Fluoroscopy Regulations and Radiation Safety | Fluoroscopy Equipment | X-Ray Image Intensifiers | Television (Closed Circuit Equipment) | Image Recording and Image Recording Equipment | Special Fluoroscopy Equipment | Mobile Image Intensified Units | Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye | Three-Dimensional and Radiological Anatomy

Professional Training

Clinical Training | Westlake Hospital, Melrose Park, IL


Registered Radiologic Technologist
Certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) #343384

Certified Radiologic Technologist | State of California # 91015
Diagnostic and Fluoroscopy X-ray Certified | State of California # 91015
National Safety Council in CPR

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