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Research associates collect and put data in order. They get it from studies and trials done in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals field. Given that, they oversee clinical trials. They are in control—assuring all is well. In short, a research associate’s duties range from simple to complex tasks. So, here are the duties of a research associate that are included in research associate resume examples.

• Write reports and rules
• Plan and lead trials
• Observe growth during trials
• Identify proper trial investigators
• Data gathering and case studies
• Do progress reports
• Check and edit data.
• Inspect and maintain records of research activities
• Assure data precision and prevent errors
• Aid in laboratory analysis, quality control, and data analysis

To fit to this job, read the must-haves below.

Research Associate Requirements

Generally, a college degree is good. Relevant internship, training, and certification from a formal firm should be added. These make the resume stand out. Moreover, you’ll need a set of skills that a research associate must have.

Research Associate Resume Examples: Skills to Include in your Resume

A research associate job is a tough job. It also needs the best research associate skills. You must be thinking of what skills you should learn to land this job. So, here are the skills you need to thrive as a research associate:

  1. Solid scientific and logical skills
  2. Able to work in a fast-paced setting
  3. Project management skills
  4. Build strong bond with all kinds of persons
  5. Time management skills
  6. Good communication skills
What Makes The Best Research Associate Resume?

To begin with, preparation is key. Make sure you have all these skills and you’ll surely land your dream job.  In addition, you must pay notice to the whole resume. Thus, make sure your info prove your skills in this field.

Furthermore, making sure all the info is relevant and precise is crucial. Resume4Dummies, a company with the best resume writing services, made research associate resume examples to help you:

Research Associate Resume Examples

Complete Name
Complete Address
Phone # / Cell Phone #
E-mail Address

Summary of Qualifications

Highly innovative, results-focused, and tenacious professional with more than 15 years of extensive experience in drug formulation, anti-cancer drug evaluation, specific drug delivery, and product development. Profound knowledge in physicochemistry and practical expertise in developing various formulations. Demonstrate expertise in vitro/in vivo drug evaluation: internalization of drug by cells; and pharmacokinetics of drugs in animal studies. Known for versatility and effectiveness in stressful situations; demonstrate “big picture” vision and sensitivity to bottom-line in order to deliver high-quality projects and tasks. Respond quickly and properly to changing circumstances; assess problems, formulate comprehensive decisions to achieve positive change, and refocus on new priorities.

Core Strengths
  • Adept at developing parenteral formulations (liquid and/or lyophilized), combined with in-depth knowledge in the delivery vehicles based on liposome, micelles, and polymeric/protein particles for water insoluble drugs
  • Knowledgeable in physico-chemical characterization of anti-sense oligonucleotide/cationic polymer (Polyplexes) delivery vehicles, along with their evaluation in vitro and in vivo
  • Expert in all aspects of development of trans-dermal formulations of small molecules, and trans-buccal formulations for peptide/protein
  • Knowledgeable in developing antibody-drug conjugates, and applying appropriate biophysical and biochemical characterization methods of protein-drug conjugate
  • Proficient in controlling release from solid dose formulations, and polymer-drug matrix
  • Experienced in physico-chemical properties of drugs and their interactions with drug formulation excipients
  • Skilled in physico-chemical characterizations of drug-delivery vehicle complexes: liposome, micelles, and polymeric/protein particles
  • Solid knowledge of techniques and method developments for quantitative characterization of drugs, including peptide/proteins interactions with cells, along with their the sub-cellular trafficking
  • Adept at evaluating anti-proliferative and cytotoxic activity of anti-cancer agents, along with analysis of PK and ADME data in animal studies
  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills in managing research groups conducting drug formulation development and preclinical evaluation on anti-cancer drug candidates
  • Broad scope of knowledge in LC/MS spectroscopy, GPC, UV and fluorescence spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, TIRF, radiological assays, flow cytometry, and immunoassays
Work Experience

ABC University, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Bioengineering Departments | Salt Lake City, UT |2007-2005 | 2017-Present

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Conducted molecular dynamic simulations of antigen-antibody interactions (anti-fluorescein antibody)
  • Published two papers in peer-reviewed journals

Research Associate

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in controlling crystallization of drugs in polymer matrixes
  • Executed development of delivery system based on intra vaginal ring
  • Function effectively in developing extra-stimuli (pH, temperature) sensitive polymeric matrixes for optimal microbicides functions in place of application
  • Filed patent application

 Res. Associate Professor

  • Advanced research capabilities of a group specialized in polymer chemistry by setting up several innovative techniques: cell culturing, production and purification of antibodies, uptake and sub-cellular trafficking of polymer-drug conjugate targeted by antibody, developing in vitro and in vivo models for study drug conjugates
  • Conducted development and application of appropriate biophysical and biochemical methods to characterize antibody-polymer-drug conjugates
  • Published five papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Abcd Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT | 2012-2017

Senior Scientist

  • Expertly provided pharmaceutical support with drug leads optimization
  • Displayed exceptional skills in developing and manufacturing formulations for preclinical studies

Career Highlights:

    • Played a major role in developing parenteral formulations for in vivo evaluations of drug leads
    • Successfully implemented various techniques, which included liposomal, micelles, and particle formulations to attain targeted drug concentration for parenteral administration
    • Efficiently developed the formulations for clinical studies of key drug candidate
    • Wrote key study reports for FDA filing for NDA application

DEFG /HIJ  Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT |2011-2012

Senior Scientist

Provided exceptional physico-chemical support in developing anti-sense oligonucleotide delivery vehicles

Career Highlights:

    • Effectively executed the evaluation of in vitro and in vivo proprietary RNA oligoantisense delivery vehicle
    • Performed a major role in developing methods for stability study of RNA oligo-delivery vehicle complexes
    • Expertly developed analytical method (LC) for quantification of RNA oligo in plasma

KLM Laboratories / NOP, Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT | 2005-2012

Pr. Scientist, Trans-dermal Drug Delivery Department

  • Proficiently provided pre-formulation support to trans-dermal research and product development

Career Highlights:

    • Ensured effectiveness in conducting development of method for early monitoring of drug crystallization in trans-dermal patch formulations

Manager, Biotechnology Research Department

  • Proficiently rendered exceptional physicochemical and pharmaceutical support for the optimization of polymer-drug conjugate

Career Highlights:

    • Conducted successful management of a research group executing pre-clinical developments of polymer-drug anti-cancer agents in the following areas: effect of drug loading on physico-chemical properties of polymer-drug conjugates and on their interactions with cancer cells (internalization, sub-cellular trafficking); validation of various peptides as a vector for specific delivery anticancer agents; PK and ADME data acquisition and analysis
    • Ensured accuracy in writing study reports for FDA filing

Manager, Trans-mucosa Peptide/Protein Delivery Department

  • Ensured successful development of formulation for trans-buccal peptide/protein delivery

Career Highlights:

    • Played an integral role in successfully managing a research group that conducted pre-clinical developments and evaluations of Oral Transmucosa Delivery (OTD) system for peptides and proteins
    • Expertly developed methods for in vitro evaluations of the OTD delivery system
    • Professionally represented the Pharmaceutics function in a multidisciplinary project team at various drug discovery and development stages in order to communicate pharmaceutics-related issues and formulation strategies to the project team.
    • Professionally coordinated research activities with CRO
    • Ensured thoroughness and accuracy in writing feasibility study reports to client companies

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics | The QRS University, Moscow, Russia
Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics | The QRS University, Moscow, Russia

These research associate samples will greatly help in your job application

Also, to thrive in the medical field, you must be able to stand hard tasks. In the meantime, free research associate resume examples can help you land your target job.

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