Research Associate Resume Sample

Research Associate Resume Sample

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Highly innovative, results-focused, and tenacious professional with more than 15 years of extensive experience in drug formulation, anti-cancer drug evaluation, specific drug delivery, and product development. Profound knowledge in physicochemistry and practical expertise in developing various formulations. Demonstrate expertise in vitro/in vivo drug evaluation: internalization of drug by cells; and pharmacokinetics of drugs in animal studies. Known for versatility and effectiveness in stressful situations; demonstrate “big picture” vision and sensitivity to bottom-line in order to deliver high-quality projects and tasks. Respond quickly and properly to changing circumstances; assess problems, formulate comprehensive decisions to achieve positive change, and refocus on new priorities.

Core Strengths

  • Adept at developing parenteral formulations (liquid and/or lyophilized), combined with in-depth knowledge in the delivery vehicles based on liposome, micelles, and polymeric/protein particles for water insoluble drugs
  • Knowledgeable in physico-chemical characterization of anti-sense oligonucleotide/cationic polymer (Polyplexes) delivery vehicles, along with their evaluation in vitro and in vivo
  • Expert in all aspects of development of trans-dermal formulations of small molecules, and trans-buccal formulations for peptide/protein
  • Knowledgeable in developing antibody-drug conjugates, and applying appropriate biophysical and biochemical characterization methods of protein-drug conjugate
  • Proficient in controlling release from solid dose formulations, and polymer-drug matrix
  • Experienced in physico-chemical properties of drugs and their interactions with drug formulation excipients
  • Skilled in physico-chemical characterizations of drug-delivery vehicle complexes: liposome, micelles, and polymeric/protein particles
  • Solid knowledge of techniques and method developments for quantitative characterization of drugs, including peptide/proteins interactions with cells, along with their the sub-cellular trafficking
  • Adept at evaluating anti-proliferative and cytotoxic activity of anti-cancer agents, along with analysis of PK and ADME data in animal studies
  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills in managing research groups conducting drug formulation development and preclinical evaluation on anti-cancer drug candidates
  • Broad scope of knowledge in LC/MS spectroscopy, GPC, UV and fluorescence spectroscopy, confocal microscopy, TIRF, radiological assays, flow cytometry, and immunoassays

Work Experience

ABC University, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Bioengineering Departments | Salt Lake City, UT |1999-1997 | 2009-Present

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Conducted molecular dynamic simulations of antigen-antibody interactions (anti-fluorescein antibody)
  • Published two papers in peer-reviewed journals

Research Associate

  • Demonstrated effectiveness in controlling crystallization of drugs in polymer matrixes
  • Executed development of delivery system based on intra vaginal ring
  • Function effectively in developing extra-stimuli (pH, temperature) sensitive polymeric matrixes for optimal microbicides functions in place of application
  • Filed patent application

 Res. Associate Professor

  • Advanced research capabilities of a group specialized in polymer chemistry by setting up several innovative techniques: cell culturing, production and purification of antibodies, uptake and sub-cellular trafficking of polymer-drug conjugate targeted by antibody, developing in vitro and in vivo models for study drug conjugates
  • Conducted development and application of appropriate biophysical and biochemical methods to characterize antibody-polymer-drug conjugates
  • Published five papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Abcd Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT | 2004-2009

Senior Scientist

  • Expertly provided pharmaceutical support with drug leads optimization
  • Displayed exceptional skills in developing and manufacturing formulations for preclinical studies

Career Highlights:

    • Played a major role in developing parenteral formulations for in vivo evaluations of drug leads
    • Successfully implemented various techniques, which included liposomal, micelles, and particle formulations to attain targeted drug concentration for parenteral administration
    • Efficiently developed the formulations for clinical studies of key drug candidate
    • Wrote key study reports for FDA filing for NDA application

DEFG /HIJ  Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT |2003-2004

Senior Scientist

Provided exceptional physico-chemical support in developing anti-sense oligonucleotide delivery vehicles

Career Highlights:

    • Effectively executed the evaluation of in vitro and in vivo proprietary RNA oligoantisense delivery vehicle
    • Performed a major role in developing methods for stability study of RNA oligo-delivery vehicle complexes
    • Expertly developed analytical method (LC) for quantification of RNA oligo in plasma

KLM Laboratories / NOP, Inc. | Salt Lake City, UT | 1997-2003

Pr. Scientist, Trans-dermal Drug Delivery Department

  • Proficiently provided pre-formulation support to trans-dermal research and product development

Career Highlights:

    • Ensured effectiveness in conducting development of method for early monitoring of drug crystallization in trans-dermal patch formulations

Manager, Biotechnology Research Department

  • Proficiently rendered exceptional physicochemical and pharmaceutical support for the optimization of polymer-drug conjugate

Career Highlights:

    • Conducted successful management of a research group executing pre-clinical developments of polymer-drug anti-cancer agents in the following areas: effect of drug loading on physico-chemical properties of polymer-drug conjugates and on their interactions with cancer cells (internalization, sub-cellular trafficking); validation of various peptides as a vector for specific delivery anticancer agents; PK and ADME data acquisition and analysis
    • Ensured accuracy in writing study reports for FDA filing

Manager, Trans-mucosa Peptide/Protein Delivery Department

  • Ensured successful development of formulation for trans-buccal peptide/protein delivery

Career Highlights:

    • Played an integral role in successfully managing a research group that conducted pre-clinical developments and evaluations of Oral Transmucosa Delivery (OTD) system for peptides and proteins
    • Expertly developed methods for in vitro evaluations of the OTD delivery system
    • Professionally represented the Pharmaceutics function in a multidisciplinary project team at various drug discovery and development stages in order to communicate pharmaceutics-related issues and formulation strategies to the project team.
    • Professionally coordinated research activities with CRO
    • Ensured thoroughness and accuracy in writing feasibility study reports to client companies


Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutics | The QRS University, Moscow, Russia
Master of Science in Physics and Mathematics | The QRS University, Moscow, Russia


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