Resume4Dummies Reviews: Reading People by the Cubicle

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Resume4Dummies Reviews Reading People by the Cubicle


If you wish to know the mind of the man, listen to his words. Else, you can take a short visit into his cubicle. Whatever you see can say a lot about them. Want to take a simple test? Here are Resume4Dummies reviews on the different things you can found in the cube. Check if the description suits you:

            1.   Candies, trinkets, and pictures of people

If there is stuff that the cube owner can use to interact with other people, he places one in his workspace. Say, adding candy plates, trinkets, and pictures of cute children is such a nice invitation to a small chatter. Amiable and extraverted employees often find themselves decorating their cube with things that signals people to feel free and be open.

            2.   Certificates, awards, and a name plaque

Needless to say, people who hang honors on their walls always want to be respected, if not promoted. And the practice is not about vanity or puffery; the decorations make psychological sense. When people saw evidence of high achievements in your domain, they tend to act more respectful and formal than they usually do in the workplace.

            3.   No personal belonging at all

For some reasons, there are cubicles that seem to have no signs of life on it. When all you can see on the space is a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, you may be landing in the minimal desk.

Though minimal desks seem to show no personality in it, the space actually shouts that the owner of the space has a no-dawdling-get-straight-to-business approach toward work. If it doesn’t, then it may signal that the employee is new or is just about to leave.

            4.   Piles of paper, unruly desks, and half-eaten snacks

Ah, that little dumpster haven of yours. But who knows, mess could probably be just your way of doing things and not your character as a whole. However, beware that the unruly desk might reflect on your professional identity and people will see it rather repelling.

One word of advice: be reliable. Don’t let the clutter spell chaos in the projects you work on. Prove that the havoc on your workspace does not mean havoc on your mind. Or better yet, just keep the area neat.

            5.   Hobby stuff, vacation photos, and collectibles

Hanging that photo of your latest surfing adventures? Or are you creating your tiny empire of Donald Duck figurines right next to your files? Sure, it’s a great way to get inspired as long as you keep them regulated.

Too much hobby will make your boss wonder whether you still want your cubicle or you’d rather go surfing today. Resume4Dummies reviews that a work-focused and lightly decorated cubicle somehow boosts your professionalism.