Resume Cover Letter: Tips to Win the Thirty-Second Sort

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Resume Cover Letter Tips to Win the Thirty-Second Sort


Yes, it just takes less than 10 seconds to scan resumes; and there is the so-called “30-second sort” for recruiters to decide which application to keep and to shred.

That said, you have to ensure that you are able to convince hiring managers of your worth as the best pick. How will you do this?

You can make use of a letter to discuss briefly but thoroughly your qualifications since a one- or two-page resume cannot do this. You just have to make this introductory document striking and noteworthy.

Here are tips to help you create a compelling resume cover letter and win that review:

1. Customize it.

Don’t just use “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To whom it may concern” on your cover letter. If you can’t locate the name on the job listing, exert an effort to find out the exact full name of the manager and address her or him properly. Also, cite the name of the company. This will prompt recruiters to like you.

2. Show good ethics.

Your letter reflects your character. Thus, you have to portray a good image to impress employer. Show respect by addressing your recruiter properly. Include his or her job title, the department and/or company he belongs, and make sure you spell out the name right. Certainly, hiring managers prefer candidates who practice proper ethics.

3. Stick to the purpose.

Your first paragraph should convey the point or purpose right away. Use striking opening sentence that tells about your qualifications. Show two critical points to stress your value:

  • what makes you the right person for the post; and
  • how can the company benefit from you

Try not to use phrases to show your skills. Instead, cite experiences and achievements, and quantify them. Employers are more interested in seeing a clear picture of what you can do for them.

4. Do not cite info once again.

Your letter should not include things that are already present in your resume. Keep in mind that these two files are distinct from each other, and serve different purposes. As resume shows succinct backgrounds relevant to the target job, your letter should give supporting details on your skills.

5. Use an attention-grabbing design.

The clean layout and design of your resume cover letter critically affects recruiter’s decision in a matter of five to eight seconds. So you have to use the following method to relay your worth to them instantly:

  • Bullets or an indented list
  • Capitalization and stressing of vital info
  • Keywords that prove your knowledge about the job