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So you got your diploma. You’re very starry eyed, still. However, the moment you start to sit in front of the monitor and keyboard, you suddenly ran out of inspiration on how to fill your resume with the background that could get you hired. So you browsed the net and found this article at Great, you’ve got the right place. Now, read on:

             1.    Don’t focus on the title

Instead, bring out the skills you have developed in your past summer jobs and internships. Sure, titles don’t make much sense when you don’t tell the employers about how it developed you as a professional. So instead of just putting that you became an intern or a clerk, add what things have you developed in the duration of your stay. Say, you contributed as an intern to a company by designing mock marketing campaigns, or you researched on breakthrough technologies about pre-stressed concrete. Tell it to prove that you just didn’t sit and operated the coffee maker in the internships and part-time jobs you’ve had.

             2.    Keep Connected with People from College

You can find a vast array of articles on how not to screw up professional relationships here in Resume4dummies.comIt’s because this thing about not burning bridges and establishing rapport are just so important. In order to get the right job, you’ll need people in one way or another. In order to stay in your career, you still need them. In order to get ahead, you’ll need more. This is why you should keep communicating with them. You never know who will lead you to your first real job.

             3.    Choose Functional or Combination Resume

But never the as-is chronological format. These types of application papers are meant for people who have the background to brag about. For entry levels, the best way to show off what you have is to focus on your potential and abilities instead on what don’t have – experience. Through stating them in a functional or combination layout, you’ll take advantage of the seminars and related workshops you attended, the internships and part-time work, and then you can back it up with the abilities you developed and remarkable achievements you got as a student.

            4.    Include your extras

The word is transferable skills. You may have worked part-time in a restaurant and apply to a marketing job, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t include that background on your application. You can still do it, as long as you will relate the past job with marketing. Have you been effective in dealing with disgruntled customers? Or have you suggested a way to boost your sales during off-season? suggests that you use them to your advantage.

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