Seven Simple Tips in Winning the Employee of the Month Award

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Simple Tips in Winning the EmployeeOutperform your co-workers and advance your career

The Employee of the Month award is often poked fun at because its winners are quickly identified as the boss or manager’s pet. Many white-collar employees do not seem to give the award any importance due to the reputation it has passed down to its previous winners. Despite its not-so-popular background, the Employee of the Month award is a trophy that winners may boast to hiring companies whenever they wish to change careers. Moreover, the Employee of the Month award embellishes an employee’s qualifications with unbridled dedication and commitment toward work.

Be punctual or better yet, start work earlier than expected

A punctual employee symbolizes dedication that even the worst metropolitan traffic jams and rush hours cannot take away. Modern companies have brandished employee philosophy wherein they will rather nurture punctual employees with less talent than tolerate absenteeism from ace employees.

Punctual employees are seen as diligent, consistent workers that want to get things done as early as possible. No matter what the outcome is, early bird employees are perceived as consistent and energetic members of a company willing to start work at an earlier time.

Consistently perform tasks without flinching

Employees assigned to a specific task or project are expected to perform with careful attention to detail. Employees must understand their roles and perfectly execute tasks without committing errors and unprofessional mistakes that will make any supervisor rip their hair off.

Collaborate effectively

Companies are always looking for team players capable of working with others without complaining. Team play inside the office is important because it allows a task to be accomplished faster.

Accept mistakes

Nobody is perfect and the workplace is a testament to this. Potential Employee of the Month candidates must know how to admit mistakes, and immediately transform them into a formidable power that can elevate performance and drive to a whole new level. Employees must bow their head with humility, accept their imperfections, and transmute vulnerabilities into strength.

Become your department’s ace

In every basketball game, a team needs its ace to take and make difficult shots. Similarly at the office, a department needs an ace player capable of finishing tasks with minimal supervision while incorporating unprecedented, never before seen strategies for individual and team growth.

Never complain

Employees must always embrace the possibility of receiving additional work load from their respective department. Employees who complain only endanger their qualifications of being drafted as an Employee of the Month candidate.

Take risks

Employees must find new, experimental ways to re-invent themselves. Taking that one bold step is crucial in not only winning the Employee of the Month, but also for the establishment and re-invention of one’s career.