Significance of Career Self-Assessment

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Career Self-AssessmentIn a situation where the economy is down and difficult, a self-assessment is something to consider when planning or pursuing any career that you want. Many people in the workplace thought of this because they have no choice, as they are being forced to shift to another career or industry. This common assumption exists anytime and anywhere.

Others, on the other hand, felt they are burned out with their current jobs as they look for a more fulfilling job or career. Their compulsiveness, rather than rational thinking, dictates their decision. Being a complicated process itself, self-assessment necessitates serious commitment and much pondering before determining a strategic plan that will work.


Self-assessment is vital to your life and work because it helps you to slow down and look deep within yourself, allowing the process of self-reflection to begin. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Exploring and learning about yourself and your occupation
  • Enhancing self-esteem and unique contributions to the community and society
  • Determining effective ways to make better career decisions and not regret it later
  • Developing brainstorming options to come up with the best and most suitable new or work career
  • Understanding your both positive and negative behavioral patterns in certain situations
  • Boost your marketability in the job market to ensure that professionals like you are still in demand


Self-assessment is like going back to the basics, such as knowing who you are, and where you are right now. These activities are needed to map out a strategic plan toward a desired transition.

Many professionals admit that they never took the time to make an evaluation of their skills, interests, and values, and other areas in relation to their life, work, and career. Many of them get to complete their degrees and graduate from college, take on one job over others, and move on from one employer or company to another without ever realizing their source of happiness.

They only start to make some sort of self-questioning or self-assessment when they begin to feel the misery, sadness, and frustration out of their job or career.