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Intuitive, diligent, highly analytical, hands-on professional, powered with strong educational background and comprehensive years of verifiable success in directing and leading full implementation cycle of various projects on time and within budget restrictions; complemented with proven effectiveness in resolving problems through application of appropriate innovative strategies and techniques. Armed with extensive background in conducting research on mathematical theories and proofs that form basis of science of statistics, and in developing statistical methodology. Adept at conceptualizing and analyzing experimental designs, sampling procedures, and analytical methods while providing recommendations in relation to utilization of statistical surveys, experiments, and tests. Expert at designing and utilizing methods to provide technical framework in developing sample strategies. Articulate communicator; bilingual in English and Spanish languages.


Qualitative and Quantitative Research / Project Management and Completion / Process and Productivity Improvement / Strategic Planning and Analysis / Customer Service and Relations


XYZ University | College Park, MD

UVW University| Stony Brook, NY


MATHEMATICAL STATISTICIAN | National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS),City, State | 2008-Present


  • Provide astute leadership to the Farm Numbers and Area Sampling Frame Optimization team, as part of a collaborative agreement with the National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS) and NASS, in charge of the project designed to identify misclassification, non-response, and imputation discrepancies in June Area Survey (JAS) and census number of farm indications, as well as to formulate proposals on statistically sound procedures to address these sources of error in the JAS.
  • Work productively with other NASS staff to provide full documentation of the Farm Number Research Project (FNRP) results, and recommend strategies for the implementation of immediate changes.
  • Provided rich source of historical information on the JAS screening procedures, and contributed to the Agency’s goal of good record tracking and documentation of the overall processes by completing FNRP reports.
  • Successfully completed the 2010 Classification Error Study analysis and report, resulting in classification of potential weaknesses in list building, survey design, data collection, and analysis for the 2015 Census of Agriculture.
  • Assist the field offices regarding record linkage as well as list building issues. Interface and communicate regularly with supervisor and other colleagues to keep them updated regarding all record linkage activities.
  • Function as team lead, assume full role in overseeing the planning, implementation, development, completion, and documentation of the 2015 Classification Error Survey (CES), which resulted in the successful advancement of the 2012 Census of Agriculture (COA) coverage evaluation programs.


  • Handled and successfully completed research agenda for the first year of the NASS/NISS team project; proposed alterations to NASS’s estimating procedures to provide a more cohesive, comprehensible, reproducible, and defendable number of farm estimates from the JAS.
  • Spearheaded the creation of a series of statistically sound adjustments to address sources of error on the JAS number of farms estimates.
  • Effectively utilized the previous list frame experience to match the 2009 list frame records to the 2017 JAS tracts in all states utilizing SAS and UNIX, which resulted to identification of misclassification on the JAS during non-census years. The information gathered played a beneficial part in the development of additional adjustments to number of farm estimates from the JAS. (NISS Team Project)
  • Conveyed viable information on the 2017 FNRP results, which impelled the agency to enhance the JAS screening procedures and modify the interviewers’ manuals and training guidelines.
  • Regarded as crucial member of the Farm Service Agency (FSA) Frame Team, 2013 FSA December Project, 2014 FSA Test Project, and 2014 Nebraska FSA Production Run.
  • Rendered technical assistance in outlining results of the post-screening effort into a comprehensive and detailed research report for efficient dissemination of the results, which provided upper management with ample time to initiate significant changes into the upcoming JAS interviewer’s manuals and training guidelines. (FRNP Project)
  • Served as major contributor in the advancement of survey processes at NASS through management of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau record linkage project. Led the planning, implementation, processing, and documentation of equal listing of alcohol producer permits to NASS’s list frame for all 48 conterminous states.
  • Directed the successful project completion of Social Security Administration (SSA) death match, OL/NOL, and unduplication, which significantly improved coordination of survey processes, as well as data quality, and overall list quality through constant updating of information (telephone, SSN, and EIN) and list unduplication.
  • Efficiently summarized the results of the 2015 CES into a comprehensive and detailed research report, consisting of valuable recommendations for improvements in the JAS as well as the COA.


  • Sustained constant communication with the entire parties involved in the NASS/NISS project.
  • Orchestrated the execution of proposals requesting changes to the existing NASS estimation procedures, questionnaires, and guidelines.
  • Arranged and organized adequate documentation outlining up-to-date results of the research, which were sent to all parties involved with both the NASS and NISS.
  • Effectively handled the preparation of a comprehensive detailed NASS report on FNRP, and presented them to the NASS upper management and to all field office personnel in two teleconferences.
  • Led the presentation of record linkage application to staff from the Brazil and the 2014 List Frame School.


  • Created FNRP report and presentations, which led to significant discussions all throughout the agency for the improvement of the JAS screening procedures; discussed the direct impact on numerous farm indications.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in completing and submitting a detailed comprehensive report of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) research to Research Review Committee (RRC). The results of the PII were presented at the 2017 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology (FCSM) meetings in Washington, DC and delivered to the chapter of FCSM.
  • Provided highest level of customer service to the NISS team and NASS staff, resulting in total customer satisfaction and execution of proposal changes impacting NASS’s long-term goals and plans.


MATHEMATICAL STATISTICIAN | United States Bureau of the Census, Suitland, MD | 2003-2008


NASS’s Administrator’s Award for Excellence, (Highest Employee Award), 2009
NASS’s Circle Award for Team Excellence, 2018, 2016, and 2013


Member, American Statistical Association (ASA)


Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Word Perfect, and Excel | Lotus 1, 2, and 3 | Quattro Pro.
SUDDAN | VPLX | WesVar PC Software | SAS/AF SW: Application Development I & II | SQL Processing with the SAS System | SAS Programming III: Advanced Techniques | SAS Macro Language | SAS Report Writing | SAS Anova and Regression | SAS Graph Software | SAS/STAT | SAS/SCL | SAS/IML