Strategies to Remain Anxiety-Free When Finding a Job

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Strategies to Remain Anxiety-FreeJust because the economy of the United States is currently under a recession it does not mean that all life will reach its doom, or everything around you is all gloom. Sometimes, crises are hidden opportunities.

Who knows? This may be the chance to revise not only your approach to difficult situations, but also your outlook about the future.

Fear of joblessness

Is there a “phobia” word that means fear of joblessness?

Every day, we are bombarded with news reports about rising unemployment rates and statistics of workers who were retrenched from their work places as a result of economic recession.

These reports not only make us feel restless, but instill anxiety in us to look for a job. In addition, it lowers our confidence and self-esteem.

Resolute tips

The following are some resolute tips to develop your sense of courage and overcome your fears when you look for a job:

  • Stop reading or watching the news about unemployment issues for the meantime, until you are able to secure a job
  • Start advertising your name, target job, and potential assets through print or online media, or better yet create your own online resume
  • Develop a personal advertisement to promote yourself
  • Revise and improve your resume, making sure it is well-written and error-free
  • Use your time creatively to maximize your skills and potentials
  • Consider taking volunteering work on a part-time basis, to allow you enough time for job searching
  • Consider joining organizations that can add meaning and value to your life and work as well
  • Consider enrolling in classes or short courses, if you cannot afford to pay for formal training courses
  • Develop your socializing and networking skills to meet people who can possibly give you job leads since many jobs are not advertised
  • Develop a strategy to research for employers and/or companies located in a specific geographic location and make a thorough research of each
  • Utilize online social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reconnect with former colleagues or connect with new people who may know someone that can help you
  • Consider the alternative of taking a job with a salary that is below your previous range, especially if unpaid bills are piling up and you have been unemployed for some time