Sure Footing toward a Successful Career Change

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You wish you have done this earlier in life. But, are you really ready to take that career change plunge? Sometimes, it pays to take things slowly as you make sure that the career you are shifting to is the one you really, really want.

Changing a career from time to time is a natural process to achieve life progression. Experts say that, on the average, an individual professional will change careers several times over their entire lifetime.

Below are some steps on the path toward career change:

Networking is a key

Successful career changes depend on your ability to network with people. If you think you do not have a network yet, consider your family members, friends, colleagues, or fellow alumni from your college.

People you know and talked with can actually provide you with the following:

  • Possible job leads and job opening details
  • Advice and information about a specific employer, company, or industry
  • Acquaintance to other people

Identify your transferrable skills

Skills and experiences such as leadership, communication, and planning are actually transferrable and applicable from one job or career to another.

Transferrable skills are very useful when looking for a new career or job, and it is surprising to realize that such experiences give you a solid credibility during the job interview.

Further broaden your knowledge

It is necessary to update your skills by taking a course or two about a subject matter you really like. If you are contemplating on taking up a new degree or certification, you should verify if the school is duly accredited.

What you like and do not like

Anyone can easily make a list of things they do not like that made them leave their current job. But have you thought of examining your likes as well?

Spend time to rediscover yourself. What activities you are passionate about? What are the things that excite and energize you when you are at home, or at work? Your likes point you to a specific career direction.

Research about the new career

As soon as you discover your true passions, it is now time to conduct a research. The amount of research relies on how far you want to make a change.

You can possibly feel insecure or unsure about this at first. The question is: what types of career are related to your passions?