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Systems Analyst

Programming | Database Management Systems | System Maintenance and Upgrades | Hardware and Software Troubleshooting | Web Application | Systems Analysis | Time Management | Leadership

Qualifications Summary

Dynamic, self-motivated, and focused professional, with extensive experience in managing, designing, developing, and implementing programs and IT solutions to streamline company operations. Comfortable at working independently within competitive settings; highly capable of applying innovative methods, procedures, and systems to identify and solve problems.

  • Exemplify strong skills in problem analysis, programming, and debugging.
  • Thrive in high-performance technology solution installations, successful test environments creation, and accurate technical documentation.
  • Execute dynamic project management skills to consistently deliver complex, large-scale projects on time and within budget through use of multiple technologies.

Key Accountabilities and Accomplishments

  • Set up a $20M system initiative at IBM New York in cooperation with fellow engineers.
  • Built and implemented a Java GUI interface system to manage Manassas, Virginia’s logistics movements of parts and tools.
  • Worked at Factory in Holland to provide oversight to the state-of-the-art semiconductor lithography equipment.
  • Streamlined troubleshooting process by implementing UNIX script tools.
  • Ensured maintenance of SUN servers on the semiconductor equipment to educate local team on new software.
  • Initiated and implemented procedures for engineers to work on semiconductor equipment.
  • Exhibited exceptional customer service skills through rendering customer support in automation issues between host and equipment.
  • Tested and evaluated new software features and tool set on customer by collaborating with developers in Holland.
  • Interacted with customer by attending and participating in biweekly meetings, reporting current status of software related actions.
  • Provided effective training and supervision to new employees.
  • Communicated with customer on the down status of systems.
  • Managed the maintenance of semiconductor equipment by installing hardware upgrades and new systems.
  • Rendered technical support in collaboration with four engineers during the shift to resolve issues.
  • Served as test engineer to facilitate regular testing, tuning, and troubleshooting of Miniature, RF Microwave Component.
  • Prepared final documentation for the customer products.

Professional Experience

    Software Engineer | 2015–Present
    Customer Service Engineer III | 2008–2015

    Test Engineer | 2006–2008


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems | XYZ University, Manassas, VA
Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering | UVW University, Columbus, OH

Professional Affiliations

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE) Computer Society

Technical Skills

Proficient in MS Access, Oracle (SQL & PLSQL), JAVA (J2SE), UNIX, MySQL, Linux, Mac OSX, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Visio, NetBeans, Visual Studio 6,Eclipse, Perl, MySQL, SQLITE, Object-Oriented Development Life Cycle, Agile methodologies, RDBMS, some HTML, XML and C++