Why Power Verbs Boost Resumes

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Too many adjectives may be the culprit for the many slack-spined job application papers.

The common misconception when you write your own self-advertisement is that you have to put up as much descriptive words as you can in order to tell about how competitive you are as an applicant. But the fact is that adjectives and descriptive words only bore the hiring managers. There are already plenty of them, and what’s worse is that they can’t find out who’s sugarcoating and who’s being downright true to his words.

That’s why power verbs are discovered so that people would know how to easily make a statement that will create real impact to the application paper. Moreover, there are several reasons why you should change weak adjectives to more particular and provoking action words:

1.  It does not only tell, it shows

The trick behind using action terms is that it prompts the reader to see what you meant by ‘effective’ or ‘highly-skilled’ or ‘creative.’ If you said your idea boosted the company sales by 15%, you will be as sure as hell that your reader will understand that you’re creative or effective. The trick is to tell the descriptive words without mentioning it.

2.  It’s more fun to hear a story

True enough, stories are not just for kids. Even a jaded hiring manager is interested to hear what you have to tell him if you just put it in an engaging phrasing. Make them care for what you’ve achieved without sounding like an air bag. And how will you do it? Simple. Write your story in one simple, dynamic paragraph.

3.  It animates

Power verbs are not only used in resumes, for all we know, even novelist use them as a magic tool. Why it is such a useful tool in literature is because it moves your mind. It doesn’t just describe, it impresses. It doesn’t reveal on itself, it lets your mind unfold the beauty of the subject. The same principle goes with your application. You should not think that your descriptive terms will describe what you did in the past. You have to relive it by using verbs.

4.  It makes you more credible

Details are important. It lets your employer decide for himself if you really are telling the truth. While adjectives ruin your accuracy because they impose the reader to believe without mentioning any solid basis for coming up for such description, verbs keep you trustworthy because they detail the reasons on why you have the traits that they are looking for in a job candidate.

5.  It grabs attention

Dynamic verbs are always a good kick start to sentences. If you use one to capture the attention of the employer and make him look at a statement, it will definitely be the most effective of all legitimate strategies. The best thing about verbs is that it doesn’t only grab the attention of the reader, it also sustains interest.

6.  It defines your personality

Needless to say, the action terms you use will reflect your personality. But beware, generic or static verbs do no effect to your statements. In order to project your professional brand, you have to use a more specific, more kickass terms like using ‘revitalized’ instead of ‘recovered’.

Certainly, power verbs are one of the biggest and surefire tricks in creating an exceptionally crafted resume that will get you to the interview. However, whether you will get the job or not will still rely upon your level of professionalism and expertise.