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www.resume4dummies.com on Loving Your Job

We’ve heard enough of rants from people who would butcher their cubicle if it were a cow. And from people who dislike the company they’re working for. And from people who ran out of the passion they had when they first enter the industry. As of this writing, they are probably finding a safe exit to their company. But guess, majority of them will either regret the decision or be stuck in a chain of unsatisfying jobs. Don’t be one of them. If the situation is not extreme, www.resume4dummies.com recommends you to try the following:

1.   Recognize that you are not your job

Your job is only your means of living, not your purpose for living. So don’t mess it with emotions like you do in your personal relationships. In the first place, you accepted the job, you accepted the company, and you signed the contract. Nobody pushed you. If you’re losing motivation, just compare your current situation now and when you’re jobless. You might find out that except from the few bonus companies who take initiative to build a culture of genuine belongingness, corporations are satisfactory if you’re getting your deserved salary.

2.   Take those breaks

If you’re stressed, hush and don’t blame it on your work right away. Check out if you’re only overlooking the break times and lunches you should have taken out of your cubicle. Don’t take rest time for granted. Go out, breathe fresh air, eat healthy food, move some muscles. At the end of it all, it determines your mood and health. Also, taking breaks and leaves prevents you from getting sick, which all the more keeps you from being unmotivated. Be happy for what you have and strive to make the most out of it. Nobody gets satisfied without ever appreciating the things they have.

3.   Do something interesting

If there is one enemy to vigor, it’s not boredom but laziness. If you don’t feel like doing your tasks for the day, do something to stimulate those neurons. Sometimes, all you need to overcome the monotony is some definite action. Make sure that your right and left brain is active before you start the grinding. It’s equivalent to warming up the engine before you run a car.

4.   Ditch the “Dream Job” mentality

Some people are just too romantic to think that there exists a career that will make them appreciated, well-compensated, and interested for every day of their lives. These starry-eyed careerists will be jumping from one profession after another until they realize that they don’t need a dream job but means to earn. Here at www.resume4dummies.com, we believe that it doesn’t pay to exit out of impulse.