Four Reasons Why Employees Fear Career Shift

Fear Career ExperimentationsNobody enjoys unemployment and perhaps, most individuals apply to a job that they are not interested or in touch with because they are afraid of getting stuck on the competitive job market. Many of today’s employees sit for eight straight hours on a job that they are forced to take for the sake of financial sustenance. Apparently, most employed people are afraid of taking a career shift.

Still, employees are given a second chance in redeeming themselves by looking for a more competitive job that relates with their skills or abilities. However, stiff competition on the job market discourage employees to make career transitions because of a line that extends beginning from industry leaders down to persons working just to earn money and/or acquire social benefits.

Furthermore, many employees are afraid to experiment with their careers because of the ramifications involved in the word experiment itself. Experiments do not guarantee success, and employees working in an industry they do not find satisfying or rewarding settle less for reasons of need or survival.

Below are five elaborate reasons why most of today’s modern workers are afraid to take detours in changing the direction of their careers.

Competition paralyzes the under-achievers

Employees face the harsh realities that not everyone can perform at exemplary levels as demonstrated by a select batch of workers with multidisciplinary approach in executing responsibilities. A vast majority of employees struggle to accelerate their careers because they have to contend with the higher echelons of the corporate world such as account executives, department managers, and officers blessed with the gift to steer a company in the right direction.

Furthermore, many under-achieving employees let go of their dreams to experiment in their careers knowing that those with the experience and operational know-hows receive more job offers and opportunities.

Money makes the world go round

This cliché is applicable to employees blinded by the value of money. It is natural among employees to evaluate a company’s monetary standpoint. There are lots of jobs nowadays that offer less challenges but yet surprisingly, rewards employees with higher than expected compensation packages and benefits.

Career shift does not guarantee personal growth or development

There are employees who consider individual progress and advancement as the key driving force in reaching the pinnacles of success. Many of today’s employees who are already in the position to succeed find it hard to understand if they are trudging the right path or climbing the right ladder toward long-term career success.

Change of work environment and people is frightening

Average employees do not just work to earn money. Most of them go to work because they enjoy the environment and people they are working with. Employees who have collected friends inside the office are afraid to lose the friendship and camaraderie built over time, and they will bravely stay in the company without thinking of what could have been if they tried embracing professional transition.

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