Project Agreement


The purpose of this project agreement (Agreement) is to set forth the terms and conditions upon which Resume4Dummies (The Company) and Client will agree.

Whereas, Client hereby hires the service of The Company to provide a custom-made resume and other related services included in the purchased resume writing package. And that this Agreement shall be effective on the date the Client signifies conformity.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties agree as follows:

Payment Terms

Whereas, Client shall pay in full the price of the package predetermined with The Company’s agent, with no additional sums, amounts, monies, taxes, or charges upon sign up and within the required process.

Whereas, Client shall make the payment through credit card or PayPal, and that Client shall provide a credit card number and a credit card billing address for this purpose. Receipt on all payments made shall be sent to Client via email and that “resume writer” shall be reflected as the payment processor.

Whereas, prices are all presented in US dollars. Client, therefore, shall pay in US dollars, regardless of location.

Whereas, Client understands that no portion of the payment made is refundable unless, otherwise, for cause(s) validated by The Company.

Project Delivery

Whereas, project delivery applies only to resume writing services and other related inclusions, and not to purchases of Resume Builder premium templates.

Whereas, unless special arrangements are made, the turnaround time for the initial draft of resumes and other related services shall be as follows:

• Resume Only – Four (4) business days
• Cover Letter Only – Four (4) business days
• LinkedIn Profile Only – Four (4) business days

Whereas, turnaround time shall start upon receipt of completed questionnaire and/or other information and not on the date Client has signed up.

Whereas, should Client purchase other services as inclusion to the resume service, the turnaround time of four (4) business days shall only apply to the submission of the initial draft of the service, not on the turnaround time of the package completion. And that the other services, if included in the purchased package, shall be provided upon finalization of the resume.

Whereas, The Company shall send Client an Acknowledgment Form, along with the final copies of resume and other inclusions upon Client’s agreement to finalize the project.

Expiration and Reactivation

Whereas, all unstarted and unfinished projects expire six (6) months from date of signup.

Whereas, for unstarted projects, if request for reactivation is made beyond the expiration date, Client must pay a fee of $15. This will then signify the start of the project.

Whereas, for unfinished projects, if request for reactivation is made beyond the expiration date, Client must pay a fee of $60. This will then signify the continuation of the project.

Whereas, Client shall be allowed to continue with the process within three (3) months from date of reactivation regardless of service purchased.

Whereas, if the project has already expired for two (2) years or more, the Client shall purchase a new package since the content and format of the previous document may have already been outdated at said time.


Whereas, The Company offers unlimited number of revisions to unfinished projects within the prescribed period for the particular service ordered until Client fully approves and requests for a finalized copy. For ALL services, the prescribed period is within six (6) months from the date of signup.

Whereas, revision refers to modification of the content of resume, LinkedIn Profile, and/or cover letter targeted to the objective mentioned by the Client in the questionnaire. Changing the objective during the revision process, such as target job, is not allowed; otherwise, the Client needs to purchase an additional resume to reflect the new target job.

Whereas, revision’s turnaround time will depend on the responsiveness of the client and availability of writers (Mondays through Fridays, excluding weekends and holidays).

Resume Update

Whereas, The Company only offers free resume update to finalized projects within the prescribed period of six (6) months from the date of signup for the resume writing service.

Whereas, resume update refers to minor change, addition, or removal of resume content, such as contact information, address, and latest job position and responsibilities, among others.

Whereas, a minimal fee of $30 for the resume update will be charged to the Client if the project has already expired.

Whereas, if the project has already expired for two (2) years or more, the Client shall purchase a new package since the content and format of the previous document may have already been outdated at said time.


Whereas, The Company is committed to protecting the privacy of all its clients. All information received from or provided by the clients is strictly for the use of The Company and will not be shared with any third party.

Whereas, The Company shall only ask for information necessary in creating a draft of resume, LinkedIn Profile, and/or cover letter tailor-made for the Client.


Whereas, The Company shall use the standard American English in all its writing services.

Whereas, Client hereby agrees that The Company will render the following services:
• Writing of the initial draft;
• Revision of the initial draft, if there be any, until Client fully approves of the copy;
• Preparation of the final resume copy and other resume inclusions following the approval of the initial resume draft.


Whereas, The Company shall not honor any request for refund made by Client over a phone conversation; thus, Client shall inform The Company of such request through writing.

Whereas, The Company grants full refund for orders cancelled within 24 hours upon signing up. After the 24-hour period, the project is considered ongoing and shall be assigned to a resume writer.

Whereas, if Client has decided to cancel the project after the 24-hour period,
• Client shall receive only 90% of the amount of purchased resume package; and
• Ten percent (10%) shall serve as administrative fee.

Whereas, if Client has decided to cancel the service following the sending of the initial resume draft,
• The Company shall refund only 75% of the amount of purchased service.

Whereas, Client shall receive only 60% of the amount of purchased resume package,
• When an initial draft was sent and;
• One to two complete revisions were made before the cancellation of service.

Whereas, if Client paid for the rush service,
• The fee shall not be refunded when the service was delivered on or before the due date.
• Whereas, fees for rush services are non-refundable.

Whereas, in cases when a refund is being requested by Client, but the resume has already been revised more than five (5) times, request for refund will not be granted, as The Company assumes that Client is pleased with the copy and intends to proceed with the finalization and completion of the service availed.

Whereas, any percentage of refund shall not take effect if:
• Client approved the draft per email exchange with resume writer or members of The Company’s Support Team;
• The project has been terminated for reasons unrelated to the services of The Company; and
• The Company does not hear from Client for more than three (3) months.
• Client has fully utilized the service at the time of the request for refund (i.e. used the resume to update their LinkedIn profile)