Cutting-edge Resume Examples


Businesses are in need of marketers to help them reach their goals and grow their revenues. Describe your qualifications on your resume. Check these advertising resume examples.


If transforming organic and raw materials into products is your forte, browse through these chemical resume examples and manufacture your resume in line with millions of job postings.


Build your expertise and be job-ready in the global construction market by equipping yourself with a resume. Grab the opportunities by writing your resume with the help of these construction resume examples.


Make sure that your resume is battle-tested before submitting it to companies that serve the defense sector. Have an idea of what to include on your resume by browsing through these defense resume samples.


The education sector relies on professionals in the academe for the expertise. Likewise, you can rely on our education resume examples to boost your chances of getting hired.


Professionals in the electronics industry are employed to maintain electronic manufacturing machinery using tools supporting business functions. Update your resume with the help of our electronics resume examples.


Interested in the fields of theater, film, fine art, dance, opera, music, television, and radio? Hold the recruiter’s attention and interest with your well-written resume. Showcase your talents on paper. Let our resume samples guide you.


The fashion industry is looking to the future with new trends and ideas. With this industry continuously booming, the demand for experts arises. Tailor your resume now to impress HR managers and get ready to be part of this growing team.

Financial Services

Help the finance industry reach its maximum potential by taking part in firms such as banks, investment, lenders, brokers, and insurance companies. Take the first step, check our samples, and write a resume now.


The food industry needs professionals to ensure that the process of production, distribution, certification, and packaging of foodstuffs run smoothly. Improve your resume to secure a post in this industry.

Health Care

Be a health care provider and contribute to the welfare of communities across the world. But first, stitch up a stronger resume to increase your chance of being part of this industry. Check out our health care resume examples.


Be part of tourism-related fields such as leisure-activity services by highlighting your amiable and amicable traits on your resume. Check these resume samples and get ready to be part of the hospitality industry.

Mass Media

Be in the limelight by writing a catchy resume. Get ready to work with a wide range of media technologies that reach a large audience through mass communication. Check out our resume examples to guide you.

Professional Services

Professional services help many clients who are seeking expertise of people in different fields by providing them with customized knowledge-based services. Improve your resume and speak of your pro services.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is a successful business as it circles property-related activities like estate development and marketing. Use these resume examples as a guide to help you land a job.


Being in the business of developing, maintaining, and publishing software applications, you have to be equipped with computer programming. Debug your resume and make sure to highlight being tech-savvy along with your knowledge of agile.