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About Resume Builder

Have you spent dreadful hours writing your resume? We’ve been there! The struggle of arranging sections, determining the relevance of your work history, and choosing designs suited to the information written all leaves every applicant in chaos. This is why we built Resume Builder—an efficient way of writing a resume without going through multiple cycles of frustration and stress. Just simply input your information and have your resume ready in a couple of minutes!
Build and style your own resume absolutely for free! Just register an account and start creating your own resume.

Download the resume you made in .pdf format for free—no hidden charges!

Customize your resume based on your preference from the templates provided by Resume Builder. Add colors, customize designs, and arrange sections the way you want them to appear in your resume.
Resumes are ideally one to two pages long. You can optimize your resume by omitting unnecessary and irrelevant information in relation to your industry preference.
Our Resume Builder can get your resume ready right after you have finished writing your information. You can download it right after you finish editing.
Create as many resumes as you want using our free templates. You can even alter designs for a better look!
It is highly recommended to add hobbies and interests that are only relevant to your field of expertise. It also serves as an experience or training in utilizing your talent in the industry.
Qualifications profile serves as an elevator pitch for your resume. It catches the eye of the employer; and it is essential to leave a positive impression.
You can put as many sections as you need; but be careful not to overdo it. You can omit irrelevant information to make your resume as tailored as possible.

About Resume Writing Process

In order to make your own resume here at Resume Builder, you have to register an account first. By signing up, you will have access to more options for design templates as well as other features.
You can cancel your subscription anytime by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” button on your settings.
After you cancel your subscription, expect that there would be no hidden charges.

The service offers you visually appealing templates to customize the design of your resume. A visually appealing resume can differentiate yourself from other candidates, increasing your chances of getting invited for an interview. By choosing a design appropriate to the nature of the job you are applying for, your application will get noticed by a hiring manager.

About Privacy

Our site is completely secure, and the information you input will never be by any means recorded nor distributed in any platforms. We value your safety and security. Know more about this in our privacy policy.
The information you input is for your personal viewing only, and is neither distributed nor recorded in any way.