5 Job Hunting Techniques for Easy Resume Writing

Who says that only chimps evolve?

Gone are the days when a simple typewritten and conventionally formatted resumes will suffice to find you a decent and rewarding career. Heck, even the human resource management systems evolve. Majority of the time, it will not be human eyes that will be browsing into your application paper but a computer scanner.

If you’re trying to find out how human management software’s tick, then this might not be the article for you. But if you’re trying to see how you can naturally outwit all technological contraptions, then you are tuning in the right page. So read on:

Easy Resume Writing Techniques for Your Job Search

1. Read the job advertisements carefully.

Most of the times, ads already contain what the employers are exactly looking for. So if you want to guess what the hirers would love to see in your paper, you don’t have to search any further than the qualifications brandished in their very advertisements. This may not ensure that you will get noticed, but it will definitely be your key to passing the first elimination.

2. Include keywords.

And do we have to mention about those oh-so-freaky programs that will either bring you to the hands of the employer, or curse your paper into eternal damnation? Some goes nuts on guessing how these enigmatic virtual HRs are weighing each resume they scan, but to no avail. What they do not know is that the mechanism is fairly simple: stuff your keywords. It’s really easy writing your resume with words that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. That’s the only way to get through those tough scanners who understand nothing but text.

3. Customize your paper.

If you’re one of those who just dusted out your resume from 1995 in order to find another living out of this techno-jungle, then you might consider starting revising your paper especially for the company where you want to apply. Since you need to beat more than a hundred competitors today, then you should start consider revising the old generals and get more specific. Let your prospects know that you fit to the job like nobody else.

4. Avoid the fancy-schmancy.

It’s definitely not the time to experiment with frilly, ornate fonts. 21st century is the era of being straightforward and downright-to-the-business. Surely, people way back in typewriter age will appreciate your curvy Lucida Handwriting and colored section dividers, but things are different now. You impress the employer with the content, not with the embellishment.

5. Put the best things on top.

The span of time given your copy is just limited to seconds. Never let the majority of these precious seconds be wasted on the unimportant. First things first in this fast-paced age; you have to strike the impression at the first glimpse in your paper. Always remember that the clock is ticking.

Resume writing is never easy, especially if you’re just starting to hunt a career again after more than a decade. But once you got the hang of this cruel, fleeting, and tech-savvy job market, you’re sure to discover that the only way to be on the top nowadays is to embrace innovations.

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